Boracay Chronicle: La Reserve Beach Hotel Inc.

My visit: April 26-27, 2010

Station 1, Boracay
(63) (36) 2883020

It's hot! hot! hot! in Boracay! DH and I can't find one air conditioned restaurant.  We were eyeing a steak house which I forgot the name, by the way, but as we climbed our way to the second level, ground floor houses Paolo collection- a bikini haven, we were greeted by smothering hotness by the afternoon sun. We asked the kind waitress if there is another steakhouse in the island which has an air conditioned dining area. And she pointed us to La Reserve- a restaurant owned and managed by Frenchman, J. B. Etcheverry.

We entered an empty restaurant, flinched a little and asked ourselves "Should we stay or leave?" Decided to stay since it's the only air conditioned restaurant available. We then made our way to our table. 

with Mr. Etcheverry himself

As I was browsing through a magazine I saw an ad about Astoria Boracay- I was ecstatic because that was where we stayed!

US angus rib- eye PhP850

I love DH's order! Hmmmm... looking at the picture reminds me of real good food! I am getting hungry now. Now that I have thought about it, they didn't bother to provide a steak knife, only a regular knife. The meat is so tender!

I was a bit shy on our first day to dine in this restaurant, I was not able to take my picture with Mr. Etcheverry lol 

lamb chop PhP560

This is super good. I can eat this for my lunch and dinner... that's how good it was! The garlic cooked in olive oil, the white beans which DH loved, and of course, the lamb chop cooked and tasted just right!

We came back for more good food and lamb chop the very next day before we left Boracay. Mr. Etcheverry was there. I asked the waitress if I can have my picture taken with him. She told me that Mr. Etcheverry is very nice and would surely heed to my request. I noticed articles posted on the wall just behind the statue that yu see upon enterng the restaurant, some where written way back and Mr. Etcheverry still looks the same in the picture. You can see for yourself when you visit his restaurant in Boracay.  

These are what we have ordered on our second day:

lobster salad PhP500+

Fresh garden salad with lobster cut into pieces with Thousand Island dressing placed on top of crushed iced. Yummy, succulent, fresh lobster! Worth every peso!

Complimentary bread will be served before the main course. You can ask for butter if you like. 

What did I say, the lamb chop is my favorite and I had to order it again the very next day! I am not kidding you when I said I can eat for my lunch and dinner. I ate it on two consecutive days lol 

white beans

It was both our first time to see such huge white beans. I couldn't eat it at first but DH assured me that it tasted good.  Not too sweet like the local pork and beans but not bland either. 

me and my chateaubriant PhP950

This was supposed to be my order but my love for lamb chop prevailed. I took DH's order and I gave up the Chateaubriant to him lol 

La Reserve Boracay

The restaurant and hotel has been in the business for 20 years but I have only discovered it in my recent trip. I will surely go back for more mouth-watering food. I recommend it to all foodies out there. Don't be intimidated, just go in like what we did and you will never be disappointed!