Father's Day Weekend at Chelsea Market & Cafe

My visit: June 20, 2010

Chelsea Market & Cafe
The Podium
18 ADB Ave., 
Ortigas Center,
Mandaluyong City

It was a leaky Father's day! We went there to celebrate Father's Day as insisted by my DB. I actually suggested Angel's Kitchen in Greenhills which for me has a more competitive price range.

Why did I say leaky? Because we were seated below the air conditioning system. And my dad was directly below the leaky system. The staff should have move or rearrange their table set up away from the darn leak. It was raining in and out of the restaurant lol Poor dad had to squeeze himself nearer to my mom's space to avoid getting wet.

Greek salad PhP350

Everybody was not impressed with this salad although it was served in a huge platter something is still lacking. The sauce is not that impressive. Nothing can beat the kesong puti salad I ordered in Cafe Mary Grace

jumbo prawns PhP550

6 pieces of grilled prawns with asparagus on top. I forgot what the side dish is called but I learned that it's a kind of pasta. I think this is the most affordable amongst all that we have ordered. 

grandma's crispy duck confit and mushroom risotto PhP575

I find this dish over cook and dry. Compared to what I have eaten in their Serendra branch. The picture below is more appetizing. It was taken two years ago when I celebrated my birthday at their Serendra branch.

short ribs PhP750

I enjoyed eating this because it reminds me of La Reserve's Chateaubriant.  But La Reserve's portion is way bigger... ouch!

lamb shank in tagine

I hope Chelsea would bring back their Moroccan Style Lamb Shank in Tagine pictured above. As you all know, I super duper heart LAMB ;p

My family didn't enjoy our wet trip to Chelsea this time. Should I let them try the other branch?