How To: water your Gynura Procumbens plant

I didn't know that the leaves of Gynura Procumbens could get this big! You all read about how this leaf has helped a lot of people suffering from ulcer, diabetes among other diseases. Well if you have not, read this. We have so many of these plant in our garden and more from my DSIL. We got this batch in the photos from her and boy was I shocked to see how the leaves grew this big! I used my MacBook so that you can visualize how big the leaves are. 

gynura procumbens

Anyway, the secret lies in the water used to water the plant. Do not throw the water used to wash your uncooked rice down the drain instead use it to water your Gynura Procumbens ; ) We are now using the water technique to the Gynura Procumbens that we have here in our garden. I hope that we can achieve the size in our garden. *crossing fingers*

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