Greenwich Pizza

My visit: June 16, 2010

The Philippines Favorite Pizza Chain
Annapolis Carpark
Greenhills Shopping Center

meal D PhP149

Meal D consists of quarter thigh and leg part, spaghetti, pizza and rice. The chicken part is tiny even if they serve it with a quarter portion. Their 1-pc. chicken with rice is PhP69. 

crusty pork loin PhP99

I wanted to try something new Greenwich is offering hence the crusty pork loin. At PhP99, di din sila galit sa asin ah! This dish is too salty. I complained to the guy serving us. He didn't acknowledge my complaint. I think he was a guard because he has a different uniform from the rest of the crew and he was manning the door when we left. Kaya pala! lol Double duty, is that how you call it? The rice is curry like so it's quite tasty. The sauce taste just like their spaghetti sauce if I can remember it right.

I have not tried and tasted all their new offering like the quarter slab ribs and the thick n' tender chops. I am having second thoughts with what I have already tasted. Will it be worth my money to try something new on their menu? Or should I just stick to ordering their pizza since that's what they are famous for as they claim?