Spotted: MrsMartinez in Philippine Daily Inquirer Lifestyle section

I have been so busy this week that I have not been updating stuff here in my blog! Too many events if you ask me. I had dinner in O'sonho Portuguese restaurant last Monday, had a slimming center experience at Yamada Miyura and a B.U.M. Equipment fashion show event yesterday! Whew! I will blog about these experiences for sure... let's see, if I have the TIME!  Someone freakin' send me a watch lol My DH is going to kill me! Looks like I will not be able to spend dinner with him this entire week. My calendar is full but who am I to complain lol

thanks to Alex Van Hagen for the photo

I can't pass this post though. I saw my picture, taken during the Chowking launch taken ages ago, this morning at the lifestyle section of Philippine Daily Inquirer under Maurice Arcache's Without Batting An Eyelash. I, of course took, some picture to share with you, dear readers. I know Alex Van Hagen was the culprit haha So, shout out to my Dutch friend Alex, "Hey, How are you? Hope to see you again in one of the events!!"

And it didn't end there, I searched Inquirer's online portal Inquirer.Net and I saw this...

MrsMartinez,CML and Letsgosago!

What a happy day, indeed!