New Find: Chicken Charlie

My visit: July 17, 2010

592A NS Amoranto St.
cor. Banawe, QC

Whenever there is a new restaurant sprouting in Banawe area, you can be sure that it will be caught by DH's eagle eye. He made sure that we will dine in Chicken Charlie once it's construction is finished. 

And so last Saturday, after having lunch at the newly opened Icebergs, we went to Chicken Charlie for dinner. 

It's quite a small restaurant that can seat approximately 10 people. There are pictures on the wall that could entice you to order more and that's what we did!

 Chicken Charlie fries PhP45

 Icebergs fries PhP128

I had fries overload that day. We had fries in Icebergs and fries again in this place. The fries here is cheaper though. I think the oil used in Chicken Charlie was used once too many. Hence, the dark color and greasy looking fries. Both restaurant used real potatoes though. But Chicken Charlie won hands down in terms of the price lol

 Charlie's Bowl PhP59

I told you that pictures enticed us to order a lot and so once I saw Charlie's Bowl picture on the menu board, I ordered it. I was disappointed to find few bits of chicken and more crumbs than I can eat in my life. Ok, that's an exaggeration but you do get my point, right? So, if I were you, I wouldn't order it. Just save your money for their wings/ drumstick combo!

combo 2 drums + 4 wings PhP189 

Perfectly Non- Greasy with Soul- Satisfying Crunch! Ah, their claim to fame! We were made to wait for a few minutes but the taste was definitely worth it! I am not sure about the grease though lol But the crunch, I can assure you that definitely, it's crunchy! More than Max's! lol There is a choice of soy garlic sauce or hot sweet sauce. I like the hot sweet sauce better. The soy garlic sauce reminds me of  Tasty's pork chop rice sauce lol

The price is a bit steep but it's sure worth a visit if you want to try something different!