Rhett Eala celebrating 20 years!

My event: October 5, 2010

2314 Chino Roces Ave. Extension,
Makati City

The invite states 6pm. A few minutes before 6pm, I was already there but a courteous parking attendant wouldn't let me park inside instead he pointed street parking to me where numerous policemen in motorcycle facilitated the parking. A few minutes before the show begins, I know why.

with Jacques Christophe Branellec of Jewelmer and Rhett Eala

It was my second time to meet Jacques of Jewelmer. He is as nice as ever. Rhett Eala gave in for a photo op request. He is a very humble guy.

Mayor Binay of Makati (left) and President of the Philippines, Benigno Aquino or simply P-noy (right)

I was jittery even before the show started. DH was supposed to be at the venue before 7pm but he was caught in the traffic. The show started around 7:30pm and guess who was the Guest of Honor, it's the Philippine President, Benigno Aquino. No wonder all cameras were screened and PSG stickers were attached to it. And the parking issue, it's understandable because of security. 

DH was still a no show until the first half of the show. I was able to take these photos using my trusty  Canon IXUS 860IS. 

The following photos are a part of the Holiday 2010 collection of Collezione- C2. To celebrate Rhett's 20th year in the business, a fashion show dubbed as Rhett Eala Celebrating 20 Years was staged by  Jewelmer, the country's premier producer of pearl and Collezione- C2, home grown company that literally put the Philippine map on its shirt. Rhett Eala, an acclaimed fashion designer, has worked and has good relations with both companies. 

Ms Universe, Venus Raj

The Jewelmer South Sea Pearls worn by Ms Venus Raj were stunning and she looked gorgeous in white! I love it!

I got to catch my breath only when DH was able to park and inside the venue. He quickly make his way in and went to work haha The second half showcased the fashion designer's haute couture matching it with the finest jewelries from Jewelmer and shoes from Stella Luna.

Jewelmer, a Filipino- French company known for its exquisite South Sea Pearls has always been supporting Rhett Eala. I have seen Rhett's creative masterpiece in the Jewelmer shows I have attended. Integrating pearls in couture is definitely a challenge. So, Rhett Eala has this to say "It's both a challenge and a pleasure. We want the jewelry to stand out while at the same time we want the clothes t look good. Actually, it's when you match the two that it really comes alive."

The following photos were all taken by DH:

At the end of the fashion show, a brooch, South Sea Pearl floating on a map of the Philippines in 18- karat gold, was presented by Jewelmer owners to Rhett Eala to commemorate the event.

Rhett Eala receiving his Philippine pearl brooch

Las Islas Collection by Jewelmer

For patriotic pearl lover, this is a prized possession. Now, if only I have the money to buy one haha

The following were taken during the models final walk on the catwalk.

final walk on the runway

Ms Universe, Venus Raj for Rhett Eala and Jewelmer

Venus Raj's stunning beauty deserves the best clothes and jewelries. 


Mr. Rhett Eala. premier fashion designer

Rhett Eala hugging his mom

Ms. Venus Raj and Mr. Eala

It was an awesome night! Think this post is too much? I still have more behind the scenes photos that I knew you would love! So, stay tuned!