Icings Cakes, Breads & Cafe

My visit: December 9, 2010

Icings Cakes, Breads & Cafe
101 Sct. Lazcano St., 
Quezon City

It's always nice when it's Christmas time! I get to bond with friends who I get to see only at this time of the year. My 2 college buddies and I decided to meet and eat at Icings in Quezon City. 

This is my second time to dine here. The first time was during Tipco event. I like the salad that was served so I made a mental note that I will come back hehe

 grilled pork chop in fruit sauce PhP175

I ordered pork chop rice. Since I have an ulcer, I didn't touch the pineapple and its sauce. I don't want to spend the rest of the day having cramps. The grilled apple is a delight! The pork chop is quite small but nonetheless tasty!

nuts & fruits salad PhP195

The other half of the salad goes to my good friend and fellow blogger, Jan. The veggies are fresh. I like the combination of fruits and nuts. It would be better if they put more fruit variety than just an apple and mango. And a bit more dressing please hehe

Whoa! Can you feel the cold Christmas air in the morning? I am so excited especially since I think DH is planning an out of country trip at the end of the year! Keeping my fingers crossed!