L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Night Essence... a secret no more!

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I hope all of you are doing great ; )

First, sorry because I have been delinquent in posting updates on my blog for the past couple of weeks. I know you are very eager for an update. Well, I just made a post about the 2nd Philippine International Pyromusical Competitionyou might want to check it out.

Getting on with business, I have been receiving a lot of queries through email and on FaceBook about the secret in maintaining my curls that I decided to make a post about it. People often have a wrong connotation for curly hair. Most people think that it's very hard to maintain which I beg to disagree. I have super fine and limp hair all my life. Ever since I curled my hair back in 2008, my life has changed! I get a lot of compliment and my hair is never dull. I can pull it up in a bun for a sophisticated look, put a hairband ala B in Gossip Girl or just leave my curly locks hanging for sexy, sultry look. I don't even need to comb it so it's good to go every time!

So, what's my secret? It's actually a PhP355 worth of product that could last you for a long, long time... L'Oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Night Essence Leave-in! I know it's a leave in conditioner that's supposedly for night time use but I apply it immediately right after I towel dry my hair in the morning. The effect is gorgeous, bouncy curls!

me and my secret weapon... Total Repair 5 Night Essence- Leave In 150ml PhP355

A bottle goes a long, long way! The content dispenses through a pump. One or two pumps is enough for my bra line hair.

dollop of repairing night essence

I made a video on how I use my Night Essense Leave In for my YouTube subscribers out there! Watch the video on how easy it is to apply.

MrsMartinez gives L'Oreal's Night Essence Leave In thumbs up!

always pretty in pink!

I use this product whenever I go out. My curly hair is shiny and at the same time manageable... no stray hair! If I stay home the whole day then I don't use the product at all. If I am going out in the afternoon, even with already dry hair, I still apply the product mostly at the ends of my hair. Believe me, it  only takes a few seconds to have a gorgeous, bouncy hair to complement my cheeky face!

There you go... I hope your curly locks will stay as curly and shiny as mine!