Sarah Geronimo in Yes! Magazine March 2011

Showbiz chika muna!

The March issue of Yes! Magazine has been a trending topic for several days in my Twitter account last week. The tweets focused about the mother of Sarah Geronimo on how she treated and raised her children. I got curious and naturally, I scampered for a copy but apparently Yes! Mag was already sold out in the SM branch I have been to. Good thing, Unimart has plenty of copies on stand. So, go there if you must buy a copy. Also a few weeks back, I read an article about Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, written by Amy Chua, a tough love book about her own journey and transformation as a mother. Reading these stories make me want to thank my parents for giving me the liberty to follow my dreams and be myself. They are in fact saints compared to these two moms haha And I thought during my younger years that my parents were strict. I realized now that no, I am one of the lucky ones. What is wrong with mothers these days? 

Sarah Geronimo on the pages of Yes! Magazine 2011 issue

I like Sarah. She seemed so down to earth and would not hurt a fly. And yet after reading the entire article, it makes me want to think twice on my take on her.  I think the article didn't do justice on her family especially her mom and her attitude towards boys. 

Here are some of the excerpts from the 38 page article on Yes! Magazine: 

Sarah Geronimo looking good in gold

"Ang sa akin lang po, ang palagi kong pinapakiusap sa kanila, kung magkagusto kayo, sana hindi ngayon. Sa tamang edad na o sa tamang panahon."- 51 year old mother of Sarah Geronimo, Divine said.

Naive- that's how Divine describes her 22 year old daughter, Sarah, in her own word. That's why like a hen to her chicks, Divine guided her flock 24/7 even checking on her every waking hour. 

"Kasi, ang sa akin po, kung yan magiging boyfriend mo, eh yon na talaga." - Divine

Now where did this come from? From a mother who married against her will at 23! Now, she wanted her children to right what she did wrong in the past. Even if it means her children suffering at her expense.

But right now, no boy is the right one for her daughter. She couldn't even answer when will be the right time for her to be able to meet a guy. Divine uses God in every sentence she muttered. Withstanding the critics that would lash out on her. 

As I stayed awake until 1:30 am reading through the article for two straight nights, I realized Divine's love for her children was bordering to selfishness and over protectiveness. Sarah without a boyfriend would mean a steady flow of cash input- 200 million in 2010 endorsements alone. On the hindsight, maybe she really was just protecting her child from the showbiz predators that wanted to cash in on her daughter's fame. 

thanks to Sarah's stylist... she looks so hot here!

Sarah and her boys:

In Rayver's interview, he told Yes! Magazine about how an email of Sarah sent to him started it all. And how he recalls of the numerous times Sarah wanted to end the relationship with him only to take it all back. I can't believe he stayed on in the relationship in spite of just communicating through SKYPE and cell phone. And mind you, there were only two occasions that they were alone together. Once for 30 seconds and the other one for 30 minutes.  Both times were a thrill to Rayver Cruz, the boy caught up in this tragic love story. 

"May tao po kasi akong iniiwasan, kaya ko siya (Rayver) naging crush. Hindi ko naman talaga siya crush, pero para makaiwas do'n sa taong yon, gumawa ako ng paraan. Nakipag- friends ako, ganyan, para ma-divert po 'yong attention. Do'n nalang na- develop."- according to Sarah's anecdote about the email that started it all. 

Caught up in the midst of the love triangle controversy- Sarah, Rayver and Christine- were Megastar Sharon Cuneta and Judy Anne Santos. It was Juday who spilled the beans that Sarah was not able to experience the luxury of a spa while the Megastar tasted the rant of the other woman in the picture- Christine Reyes, who later on apologized. 

In the end, Sarah said that she has already moved on. She even said she felt enlightened at the end of the whole brouhaha. But until when will she be able to tolerate the strictness her parents is imposing upon her? Divine even stayed close- seating 2 feet away, during the entire duration of Sarah's interview in their own home. All I can say is that Divine should have learn more about the word Faith. She should have a little faith on her daughter...