Bale Dutung by Chef Claude Tayag

My visit: April 3, 2011

Bale Dutung
Villa Gloria Subdivision
Angeles, Pampanga

It was my first visit in Bale Dutung. Our friend, Ryan, made the reservation for 8 people. 4 more people and Chef Claude Tayag & his wife, Mary Ann, could have made a separate menu for our group. Our group joined around three more groups that day. Bale Dutung's lunch theme was 5 ways lechon- a native pork dish. 

6 of us were in one car and we were chatting non stop all the way to Pampanga. Not long after, we entered a subdivision and asked the guard for direction to Bale Dutung. We quickly located the house of the Tayag's. 

say Hi to our main dish for the day- lechon cooked 5 ways
We couldn't miss the place, alright, because 2 lechon, transported by a tricycle, were looking right at us lol Plus, a sign that says "Bale Dutung" is written on the main gate. 

Tayag's abode

Bale Dutung means wooden house.

tikbalang- Philippine folklore creature half horse half man

We let ourselves into a lush garden with a small pond. Mary Ann led us to their silong- an open ground floor where she welcomed us with dalandan juice. 

with Mary Ann Tayag

how to prepare dalandan drink

I have never tasted dalandan juice the way Bale Dutung prepares it. After Mary Ann, the lady of the house, gave a brief welcoming remarks, her assistant poured our cup with  ice cold dalandan juice! The ice was made of muscovado sugar which gave the juice a refreshingly sweet taste. I think most of us in our group had refilled our cups.

DH and I looking for more good food to come

We were told that aside from the  lechon cooked 5 ways, appetizer, salad, sushi, their own version of chicken inasal and a dessert will be served in between to cleanse our palate and rev up our appetite. A total of 10 course will be served. That's a lot to handle but we were assured that the serving will be paced in such a way that we will not feel bloated after. Thus, the beginnning of our 4 hour lunch!

crackers with dips such as pure crab fat, pesto and fermented shrimp rice

Our 2 other friends were a bit late, all 6 of us decided to eat ahead because we were literally famished hehe

For starters, our table was served with crackers and various dips. Mary Ann expounded on what's on our table. She told us to try one dip at a time then combine two dips like crab fat & pesto or crab fat & shrimp rice and then combine all three dips in one bite. The result is a harmony of flavors.

taba ng talangka- pure crab fat
burong hipon- fermented shrimp rice

ensaladang pako

Ensaladang pako or fern salad is unlike any other salad that I have tasted. Mary Ann was quick to tell that this type of veggie is exotic in other countries but fern or pako can be easily grown in our own backyard.

piniritong lumpiang ubod sa Claude'9 Oriental Sauce

Mary Ann always reminded us to give her the first bite which we follow to the dot or else risk the expulsion from her abode lol Meaning we should eat what was served to us as is without adding ketchup, soy sauce (toyo), vinegar (suka) and other seasoning because that's how the chef wants us to taste that dish he preapared for us.

inasal na manok at Claude'9 Talangka Rice

A plate was served with a scoopful of rice and chicken inasal (chicken barbecue). The chicken is marinated with a special sauce called Calude'9 Inasal BBQ Marinade- mix of lemongrass, kalamansi and garlic.

talangka sushi with kamias on top

Next in line was a single serving of talangka sushi.

Kamias- bilimbi

hito at balobalo sushi

This is one dish that would make kids eat their veggies. You have fish & rice rolled in mustasa (mustard green). What more can you ask for?

Hito- Catfish 
Balobalo- Kapampangan fermented rice with fish or shrimp

with Chef Claude Tayag

Alright, for the first of 5 ways lechon is...

fried lechon flakes binalot sa tortilla at Claude'9 Oriental Sauce

I had a lot of crispy lechon flakes topped with lots of tomatoes and oriental sauce wrapped in soft tortilla. Claude'9 Oriental sauce is their own version of pesto sauce otherwise known as Asian Pesto.

balat ng lechon at liver sauce

Crispy roast pork skin with liver sauce. I got the crispy part but DH got the bottom part which was soggy ; (

I hope to have a better picture with the man himself on my next visit. 

hello piggy!

thick sinigang soup with lechon meat

rice wrapped in leaves

sinigang na lechon

Sinigang is a Filipino soup/ stew characterized by its sourness brought about by tamarind. I am fascinated how their stew is made thick so I ask what the secret ingredient was. It turned out to be gabi (taro).

inihaw na tadyang na lechon at ensaladang talong

Now, fourth on the list and my favorite! I have been wating for this dish to come out only to be slightly disappointed because I got less meat and more bones haha

tadyang- ribs
talong- eggplant

pig's brain

No, really that's how small a pig's brain is. DH made me taste it. I know, ewww! But I did. It was soft and hardly had any taste at all. Or was it because I swallowed it so fast that I was not able to taste it ; p

sisig ulo ng lechon

The fifth and final lechon served was cooked into sisig. Sisig is what most beer drinkers would order together with their drink. It is made mostly of chopped parts of pig's head. Mary Ann suggested to take a portion of the pig's brain and mix it with the sisig on your plate.

Now you know why I don't like sisig.

It is like a creme brulee halo halo. I love it! This dessert is made of yam, coconut, egg yolk in water buffalo milk.

refreshing frozen towel

This is a no aircon restaurant so it was quite refreshing when they gave us frozen towel splashed with baby cologne. And oh, bring a mosquito repellant lotion.

Cold ginger tea, coffee- which is called kapeng sinaunang panahon, and soft drinks are free flowing for the entire duration of our lunch.

with Chef Claude and Mary Ann Tayag

We left the place at around 4pm. It's true that there was no sense of feeling bloated on our way home. We were all just sleepy hehe I will tell you that won't hurt to give it at least a try... just for the experience!

Bale Dutung rate is at PhP1,750 per pax plus 10% on Sundays.
Kids under the age of 6- PhP500
Kids ages 7 to 11- half price
Reservation is required.