King Chef Banawe

My visit: March 26, 2011

King Chef Banawe
989 Banawe St,
Quezon City

It has been awhile since I posted about my Saturday lunch date with DH. On our way to work, DH was attacked by his hunger pangs. We decided to eat in King Chef. A relative of ours celebrated her birthday sometime last year on the said venue so this is not my first time to eat here. But this is our first time to try their dim sum. 

taosi spareribs PhP75

Appetizing to look at, I would want it to have more meat than fat though. Served hot.

asado siopao PhP75

Each order has three pieces. Asado siopao is meaty and there's no need for the hoisin sauce.

wonton noodle PhP125

At first glance, DH thought that this order was lacking in ingredients, he was wrong. Below the wonton, noodles were aplenty. In fact, I was able to partake with his order.

hakaw PhP90

Their hakaw is quite expensive at PhP90. But I am not asking you not to splurge because inside the wrapper, you can see that they didn't scrimp on shrimps.

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After my first post, we went back a couple of times. The latest was last July 2, 2011. Since we did not order dim sum, I decided to take photos of the entrees that we ordered.

 spareribs with 8 spices PhP280

If I would compare this spareribs to Luk Foo's version, the latter has an edge over King Chef. The secret lies in the flavorful toasted garlic Luk Foo uses to mix with spareribs. Don't get me wrong, this order is not bad either it terms of the tenderness and taste of the meat. 

King Superior 2 kinds fried rice PhP295

King Superior 2 kinds fried rice is a mix of Fookien fried rice and spinach topping. Think of rice mix in a soup that's how it tastes like. For some who are not used to Fookien fried rice, this is quite a unique order  but I tell you, you will eventually learn to like this dish.

barbeque pork asado PhP240

I just found these last three photos from our second to the last visit (June 8, 2011) at King Chef. The pork barbeque was served in less than 15 minutes after placing of our order. The slices were thick. In between the meat was a lot of fat which made it hard to chew. The next two orders didn't come out until after 45 minutes so we were forced to eat this dish together with our plain rice. 

 Special string beans with minced pork PhP220

This order was suggested by the waiter. I think the waiter called it French beans. It was actually good but we have already lost our appetite. This is actually a more slender type of string beans. It was crunchy. I would definitely order this again in my next visit.

squid with xo sauce PhP250

The squid with xo sauce came out together with the French beans. It was perfectly cooked but it came out a little bit too late. We decided to take out the last two dishes. 

I just hope that King Chef can improve on the time of their food service. In our last two visits, we waited for around 30 minutes before the food was served. Other than that, if you want sumptuous Chinese food in Banawe, King Chef is one of the restaurants to go to.