Army Navy Burger + Burrito

My visit: April 2, 2011

Army Navy Burger + Burrito
305 Tomas Morato Ave., 
Quezon City

I have never heard of Army Navy until a friend of ours raved about their burger. DH loves burger and so when we were wondering where to eat on a Saturday afternoon, choosing Army Navy was a no brainer! Entering the restaurant makes you feel like you where inside a barrack- building used to house soldiers. Stainless steel ply table, stool chairs, huge lamps highlighting the menu board and bricks on the wall make up for the whole barrack experience.

Libertea large PhP55; Freedom fries PhP60

Their iced tea reminded me of Wendy's. Large size is not enough for me. I hope they come up with extra large cup! The fries are sliced thinly but crispy. Nothing special. Next time I will try their Onion rings. 

Ketchup and mayo are available at the counter.

burger PhP135

We ordered the classic single quarter pound beef patty. I find it juicy, meaty and worth every bite. Double burger- 2 quarter pounder (PhP185) and Bully Boy Burger- triple quarter pounder beef patties (PhP235) are also available for people with a huge appetite. 

I want to share a funny thing that happened while DH was ordering his beef burger. He asked for an additional tomato. The cashier said "PhP10 po, sir!" DH, cheapskate that he is, does not want to pay PhP10. When we were seated, he kept wondering if he will get a slice or two tomatoes lol

chicken burrito PhP135

Ristras' version is better, bigger and of course, pricier! Their version is more rice and less meat. Steak and Carnitas (pork) Burrito are both at PhP155 while Vegetarian Burrito is at PhP135. I am willing to pay more, just add more meat into those burritos hehe

If I am craving for freshly brewed iced tea and juicy burger, I will definitely go back to Army Navy!