Love the nachos at Hermanos Taco Shop!

My visit: May 18, 2011

Hermanos Taco Shop
27 GranadaAve. cor. Jose Vera St.,
Valencia, Quezon City

There are too many backlogs on my end. I have not even started writing about my Boracay Adventure yet. I may now have to limit the events that I will be attending to prioritize my personal posts. After all, I don't want my blog to be filled with event posts. Don't worry, I will still give space for giveaways!

Anyway, I happen to eat in this restaurant over a month ago en route to my home from the airport. Gevi and I had just came back from a 3 day Boracay girl bonding. I guess DH was not that excited to have me back so it was Gevi's husband, Eric who picked us up in the airport ;p  He suggested that we eat some snack first at Hermanos before heading to my house. I remembered Michelle mentioned the restaurant before as a venue for our next tweet-up but we were not able to push through with the plan. So, this was  an opportunity for me to try it out.

nachos regular PhP195

I was not too keen on eating Mexican food but I was surprised at how delectable the nachos look. I have to stop myself from finishing the entire serving.  It was a hefty serving of beef, jalapenos, mayo, guacamole and salsa. Gevi and Eric do not eat beef so I have the steak like strips all for myself hehe

taco carnitas PhP140

This order was shared by Gevi and I. Generous serving of meat and veggies inside the soft tortilla shell... yummy!

chicken quesadillas PhP230

Eric ordered chicken quesadillas. More guacamole!!! 

Tapatio hot sauce

When the owner went to our table to ask if everything was in order, I told him that we needed hot sauce. A bottle of Tapatio was served. I like it hot!

I will bring DH here one of these days because there are other things on the menu that I have not tried. 

For authentic Mexican food, this is a must try restaurant. Till my next food post!


I have tasted Hermano's Taco Shop two more times since my first visit! The picture below were taken last July 2, 2011. We ordered not our usual favorite this time. 

Unlike my first visit, we arrived at a full restaurant mostly of barkadas. A collapsible table was immediately set up for us. The turnover of diners was fast. The owner himself clears the table when diners left. Any service request was fast too!

Mexican Menudo PhP320

Mexican Menudo is only available on weekends. When DH went there for take out a week ago, it was not available since its a weekday. Since we we there on a Saturday, DH would not passed the chance to try what a Mexican Menudo is like.

Mexican Menudo up close 

Mexican Menudo is consists of beef with red chili sauce, Mexican spices, diced onion, pepper, oregano and cilantro, hominy and corn tortilla. 

Hominy is coarsely ground corn used to make grits.

we put all the sidings as toppings

We were not familiar with the taste of Mexican Menudo. If you are accustomed with Filipino Menudo, this is not the order for you. I can only say that this is a very spicy dish and nothing more. I was not able to taste the beef. I was able to taste hominy which is a bit chewy but it was tasteless. We were not able to finish our order and decided to take it home. I was not able to see our take out bag after. Maybe it is still inside our refrigerator. I don't know.

 house horchata PhP95

House Horchata is a Mexican drink. It is a mix of rice, cinnamon and sugar. Ever taste of cold cereal drink? Then that's exactly how it tastes like. DH did not want to drink it after having a sip. I have the entire drink for myself. The taste was not that bad. He was just not used to it. 

cheese quesadillas PhP190

Aside from the regular Nachos, we  also ordered cheese quesadillas! Melted cheese sandwiched in soft tortilla with guacamole on top ... delicious! 

I would stick to ordering the nachos, tacos and quesadillas next time!