My first Aerosoles: Younique Black Snake

I live and breathe in flats, ok, mostly in flip flops! Come to think of it, except for a wedge sandals, I only have 3 high heeled shoes- one in black, gold and silver. I use these 3 alternately when I attend social events and other gatherings that needed some dressing up.  

The following are the reasons why I don't buy high heeled shoes: One, the steep price that I have to pay. Two, the pain I have to endure the moment I step out of the shoes. 

When I received a PhP2000 Rustan's Gift Certificate, I immediately thought of buying FitFlops. Yes, another tsinelas! Why not? I like to be comfortable when I go out rather than feeling my feet hurt after hours of using it. 

Aerosoles Younique Black Snake PhP3650

But my plan has changed when I went to Rustan's Makati last Sunday. When I saw Aerosoles Younique Black Snake on display, it was not that appealing to me. In fact, it was the last pair that I tried on. But upon the prodding of my mom and seeing how good it looks on my feet, I now own my very first pair of Aerosoles.

This pair of shoes is so comfortable to begin with because of its rubber cushion that touches the soles of my feet. I like its strappy design. It is very sexy, stylish and elegant too. I still don't want to pay for expensive shoes so I will not buy it if I didn't have the gift certificate with me. But just the same, I am glad that I have this new shoes with me that I can sashay in for my next event lol

3 inch high heel dress sandal


  • faux snake skin
  • suede cushioned footbed
  • adjustable metal side buckle

What's your latest fashion find?