When in Boracay get a henna tattoo!

So you have seen our braided hair, it's now time to show off some skin. No, not what you are thinking ; p It's our first day, we have to have an ink to feel the vibe of the island of Boracay haha

Gevi and her butterfly & a rose tattoo

Gevi decided to have her tattoo a little below her shoulders. Since the design is not in the center, the tattoo artist didn't trace the design anymore. He drew directly on her skin. 

 Louie, the henna tattoo artist

Henna tattoo is a non permanent image resembling a true tattoo. It is temporary. It lightens after a few days sometimes longer.  

 butterfly & rose henna tattoo PhP100

While I was having my hair braided, in another chair, Gevi was having herself get inked. Both activities were done in less than an hour. 

 traced design

My design was a bit tricky since I want it in the center just above my butt. My tattoo artist, Yeng, had to trace the design on a piece of plastic then use the plastic to stick the design on my skin. 

my butterfly tattoo PhP100

Getting henna tattoo done? Here's a list of things to do to make it last:
  1. Do not apply lotion or sunblock before getting inked. We learned this the hard way, Gevi's tattoo didn't last for a day.
  2. Avoid damaging the design while the henna is still wet. You might end up having a lighter tattoo on one side or worse the scratched mark will stick and would ruin the entire design like what happened to mine.
  3. If they say wash it off in an hour, do it. We didn't follow it. I was left with half of my tattoo dark and the other half light while Gevi's tattoo was so light you can hardly see it the next day.
sample of my messy tattoo brought about by wearing a dress over it

Warning! Henna tattoos can leave permanent black markings on bed sheets, dress and towels so be very careful. Be sure to wash the excess henna with water before putting on a dress/shirt or before sleeping. 

I still have tons of Boracay posts so try to keep up with me, ok?