Alamid Coffee is now brewing at The Frazzled Cook!

My event: July 20, 2011

The Frazzled Cook Restaurant
916 Luna Mencias St.,
Addition Hill, Mandaluyong City

Have you heard about a "coffee toast"? I have experience one recently. A coffee toast is in order to commemorate the partnership of The Frazzled Cook (TFC) and The Alamid Cafe Xpress. For seasoned coffee drinkers, you can now enjoy a cup of the rare and exclusive Alamid Coffee here in the metro because it is now brewing in TFC.

Civet coffee cherries

Civet coffee, locally known as Alamid, are undigested coffee cherry dropping from civet cats. Civet cats are nocturnal creatures, and its diet consists of only the ripest ad most aromatic coffee cherries. Grassroots farmers handpick the droppings in the early hours of the morning. These cherries are processed using several meticulous stages of cleaning, roasting and packaging.
Mr. Ernie Mesina, a coffee connoisseur, demonstrated how TFC brew their own Alamid coffee.

Ernie Mesina and his cup of Alamid coffee

DIY alamid coffee using French Press Coffee Maker

Here are the things that you need to make a cup of Alamid coffee:

French Press coffee maker with Alamid coffee grounds and an empty cup

French Press is a simple brewing device also known as coffee press or coffee plunger.

2 cups of boiling water

pouring of Alamid coffee

Within 3 minutes, you can smell the bold aroma of Alamid coffee in the air. I can smell rich, freshly brewed coffee!

fresh cup of Alamid coffee PhP295

After the ceremonial toast, each guests were treated to a shot glass sized mug of Alamid coffee. Alamid coffee can be taken without milk and sugar. When milk is added, it gives off a chocolate-y taste. Since we were only given a tiny cup of coffee and no milk or sugar was provided, I can't tell you if it really tasted like chocolate.

Alamid coffee taste bitter at the beginning and sweet at the tail end. I was able to finish the tiny mug in one gulp. This type of coffee is supposedly safe for people who are acidic like me ; ) Yey!

Alamid Cafe Xpress mug

Maxene Magalona with her 1st taste of Alamid coffee cup

my dad enjoying his own Alamid coffee

My dad was able to taste the second cup of Alamid coffee that day. No sugar and milk was added to his coffee cup. He said it tasted like Chinese medicine ; p

with Sam YG photo credit: Juan Manila Express

This photo was taken by somebody else. I don't know why it turned out this way. Shucks!

(l-r) Paolo Reyes- Alamid Cafe Xpress owner, Rachelle Red- part of Alamid Cafe Xpress team, ZZlleenn Lee- The Frazzled Cook owner and Ernie Mesina- coffee connoisseur

TFC received a certificate of authenticity as an authorized dealer of Alamid coffee.  The certificate was presented by the Alamid Cafe Xpress owner himself, Paolo Reyes. 

 Crepe Cake

I can't get enough of this dessert! It is made of thin layers of crepe with cream sandwiched in between. Sinfully delicious!

Chef Jude Mancuyas

Chef Jude Mancuyas was gracious enough to let me take his photo. Next time, I want my photo with him ; )

I will be traveling out of the country this weekend! CLUE: I will be shopping! This is going to be an exciting weekend!