Hair Color Experience at Hair Asia

My visit: July 23, 2011

Hair Asia
35 Judge Jimenez St.,
Kamuning, Quezon City
9269480 415ASIA

DH and I have passed by the humungous facade of Hair Asia several times in the past. A huge tarpaulin ad is placed outside with services and corresponding rate written on it. When my friends and I were on our way to Trinoma and passed by the salon, I told them that the salon intrigues me and how I wanted to check it out. 

I was persuading DH to try the salon's PhP100 hair cut because even if he goes to a salon with a   PhP500 price tag, the style and cut remains the same. One night, DH came home sporting a new hair cut. I learned that he had his hair cut at Hair Asia for PhP200. Apparently, the PhP100 hair cut is done by a junior stylist. DH went with the senior stylist, Raymond.

my mahogany brown hair

If you have been following me over FaceBook or Twitter, you know that I have been thinking of coloring my hair ever since I was told that I have white hairs sticking out of my head. Yikes! I have been researching about products and inquiring rates in several salons. It cross my mind to apply my own hair color at home but that would be scary for a first timer like myself. My gawd! I can't imagine I even think of strawberry blond as my new hair color! hahaha Well, my hair color turned out exactly the way I wanted. Read more after the break...

 L'Oreal Majirel 5.5 Light Mahogany Brown

After office, DH and I went to Hair Asia to inquire about hair color. I also wanted to ask about the brand they use- L'Oreal and Matrix Biolage and the rate for my hair length, bra line- PhP2500. 

Different swatches from L'Oreal and Biolage was shown. Incidentally, I was told that Matrix Biolage is a sister company of L'Oreal.

I take into liking the color under Copper/ Mahogany. There were a lot of shades to choose from. I eventually settled for Light Mahogany Brown. I told my stylist, Raymond that I wanted the red to shine. What was supposed to be just an inquiry turned out to be my first hair color experience ever!

shampoo station

The day I visited, there were 4 senior stylist and 1 junior stylist. The store opens from 8am- 10pm, Monday to Sunday.

total shampoo 3x

I was shampooed thrice. First, before the color application. Second, after the color application and third after the treatment.

after my first shampoo

I was told that the whole hair coloring process will take approximately 1 hour but I had treatment done after so another hour was added. A total of two hours for the entire procedure.

Raymond parting my hair

To give you a brief background, Hair Asia has been in the business of hair for more than 20 years. It has its own magazine, Hair Asia and has been organizing the most anticipated annual event called National Open Championship for Hairstyling and Makeup. 


Raymond came from David's salon. He was with the salon for 12 years and then worked abroad and eventually found his way to Hair Asia. Total time with Hair Asia- 7 months.

my hair color mix

The stylist told me that he mixed three colors to come up with my very own shade. He was very knowledgeable about the color mixture. He was also very confident that I will like the outcome of the hair color he mixed.

Raymond started coloring the lower portion of my hair and worked his way up

He parted and sectioned my hair. He started coloring the lower portion until he reached the top.

I look scary in this photo

I was worried when I saw the colorant touching my scalp. I was expecting it to be itchy but all I felt was a little tingling sensation and after awhile it was gone. There was no irritating smell too.

 yikes! looks like I am bleeding out... not!

L'Oreal Majirel High Technology- Magical Fusion of 3 Absolutes:

  • Absolute Color- perfect coverage of gray hair guaranteed
  • Absolut Care- 2 active ingredients- INCELL and IONENE G durably strengthen and reinforce the hair in depth
  • Absolute Confidence- healthier and stronger hair from the inside, balanced from roots to end, endowed with a smooth and shiny surface

red everywhere

I spent a good 30 minutes on this machine

last 10 minutes

watch how the machine works its way around my head

The machine rotates like I have a huge halo on my head ; p

Hair Asia with Ruffa Gutierrez on the cover @2008

I found the latest copy, 1st quarter of 2011,with Marian Rivera on the cover.

DH getting creative with this shot

My hair was rinsed after the machine sounded off.

Matrix Biolage Vital Repair Color Care Treatment 10ml

The Vital Repair Color Care Treatment is liquid in form, transparent in color and smells really good. It was applied directly and massaged all over my scalp. The whole 10ml was used. 

Biolage Intensive Strengthening Masque

This product strengthens and helps reconstructs damaged and chemically- treated hair. It was applied all over my hair.

last hair treatment

My hair was then cling wrapped under the machine. My hair was rinsed again.

my stylist, Raymond and I

I was very happy with the color that DH gave my stylist a huge tip! Look for Raymond when you visit Hair Asia hehe I told him I am referring him to other clients.

photo taken when I got home

photo taken the next day

After shampoo the following day, red hair color filled my shower area. I checked on my hair after if it is still red, thank goodness it was still red hahaha I don't know if this occurrence is normal for other hair colors. I have read that red doesn't last as long as the other colors. The stylist assured me that my hair color is permanent. I will check back with him. 

I love the fiery and sexy red hair that I have right now! Keep on strutting! Update soon! Can't wait for the weekend! Shopping galore!

So after three months, I colored my own hair ; p Read here.