Breadilicious Chicken Bowls from Angels Pizza Pasta!

Commercial Muna!

Angels Pizza Pasta sent three chicken rice bowls over at my house in time for dinner. The three bowls were covered in tightly sealed container. I can't say the same for the iced tea because some of the content were poured into plastic already ; p

Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo Chicken Teriyaki PhP95

I was expecting a pizza delivery that night but I was surprised to see chicken rice bowls instead. I heated the microwavable container and started my food tasting with chicken teriyaki.

The chicken is fried and drizzled with teriyaki sauce and top with sesame seeds. DH likened it to a lemon chicken which is sweet and tangy.

 Chicken Parmigiana PhP95

If you want a healthier alternative like I do, choose Angel's Pizza Pasta Chicken Parmigiana. The chicken is baked with cheese and tomatoes. It's like eating your pizza not on a crust but with rice! This rice topping turns out to be the most flavorful among the three rice bowls. I like the melted cheese on top. I am a sucker for cheese lol

Chicken with Creamy Sauce PhP95

This dish has strips of breaded chicken with corn and carrots in cream sauce over a bowl of rice. It is bland and my least favorite among the three. 

Angels Pizza Pasta Combo's Breaded Chicken Bowl Made in Heaven served with regular iced tea drink now available at all branches. You may call 9222222 for a free delivery right at your doorstep. You can have some breadilicious Angels Pizza Pasta combo without leaving the comforts of your home...  taste of heaven right at your doorstep.