Dirty Ice Cream not by Lady Gaga

While waiting for the magbubuko to fill my 2 pitchers with coconut juice, I spotted a dirty ice cream cart next to it. I got enticed to try and buy one from mamang sorbetero

dirty ice cream PhP10

The choice is between a cone or a cup. I would normally opt for sugar cone but it's out of stock so I chose a cup instead. A cup costs PhP5 but I told mamang sorbetero to give me PhP10 in a cup ; p 

The dirty ice cream sold on our street tasted bland or at least the one I had. Only the chocolate flavored one stood out. I have tasted more flavorful sorbetes than this. I have to find out which mamang sorbetero sold a better "dirty ice cream" (sorbetes).

Find out why it's called dirty ice cream in the first place and why Lady Gaga is caught up in this entry after the break...

"REASONS" why it is called a dirty ice cream (Sorbetes):

  • Usually connotes how the ice cream is being sold. It is peddled in the streets where dust and other microbes freely enters the cart when it is open.
  • The ice cream man uses no gloves. He uses his bare hands to push the cart, hold the cone of the ice cream, get the money and relieves himself with no water to clean up.
  • Homemade by vendors who bred their own cows and milk them with their bare hands. 
  • The ice cream is rough in texture because it is blended "just enough" as compared to expensive factory made ones which are smooth in texture and has quality control.
  • Water used to make the ice cream is supposedly not filtered. 
  • Distinguished small scale ice cream manufacturers from big ice cream giants.

Sorbetes are made in small scale factories. It is sold in a push cart peddled in the street. There are three flavors to choose from. The most popular ones are chocolate, cheese and ube. Other flavors are available depending on fruit season like mango. The ice cream is placed on top of a cone- regular or sugar, in a cup or sandwiched in a pan de sal (bread).

So why did Lady Gaga fit in this entry? I typed "dirty ice cream" on Google and found this video on Lady Gaga with a song entitled Dirty Ice Cream from a 2007 album lol

I will post my Hong Kong shopping adventure soon! Plus, the bag reveal hehe Have a great week!