New find: Dali Restaurante y Bar de Tapas in Quezon City

My visit: July 29, 2011

40 Eugenio Lopez St., 
South Triangle, Quezon City

From the same owners of Congo Grill, Dali, a tapas bar, opened its door in the same location a few months ago. Dh and I often passed by this structure. Intrigued by its name and the food it serves, I egged DH to try the restaurant with me but he does not want to. He said the restaurant looks like a drinking bar from outside ; (

gambas con ajillo PhP185

However, in one event that I have attended, a writer from a newspaper mentioned that he just came from another event held in Dali. From that writer, I learned that the restaurant served good Spanish food like paella and tapas. I researched online but found only a few decent reviews. 

I suggested Dali when my college buddies were looking for a place to dine. Soon after, I was checking online for the food prices if it is within our budget. Prices are inexpensive so we decided to give the restaurant a try.

Tapas are small Spanish savory dishes typically served with drinks in bars.

Pa Amb Tomaquet 

Upon entering, there is a function room situated on the right side separated from the main dining hall by red curtains. We were ushered in one of the table inside the main dining hall. Complimentary toasted bread with a fresh dip of tomatoes, garlic and extra virgin olive oil was served a few minutes after we were settled in our seat.

Champinones Ajillo PhP65

Gambas con Ajillo and Champinones Ajillo are both my favorite bar chow. I remembered wiping everything including the garlic.

Champinones Ajillo is button mushroom sauteed in sherry, garlic, chili pepper and extra virgin olive oil.

Gambas are succulent baby shrimps sauteed in olive oil with garlic and chilis. 

paella valenciana (solo) PhP240

Dining in a Spanish restaurant is never complete without an order of paella. It is overloaded with seafood toppings as you can see in the photo. We got so full from all the tapas that we have ordered and ended up taking home at least half of the paella.

Paella is saffron infused long grain rice with clams, mussles, shrimp, chicken, pork and chorizo.

Saffron an orange yellow flavoring, food coloring, dye made from the dried stigmas of crocus. 

Dali Sangria (glass) PhP120

I don't drink but my two other friends do. Initially, we asked for two more glasses so all three of us can taste Dali Sangria. I ended up asking the waitress to split the sangria into 3, yes, three glasses.

Dali Sangria- a delightful blend of red wine, fresh fruits, orange nectar and brandy.

After finishing one glass, my friends moved on and ordered another glass called The Dali Wine Cocktail. This time, white wine was used. After drinking two different wines, I ended up with a red from neck up. At the end of our meal, I am officially drunk!

Alcachofas Rebozado PhP70

Each of us selected our own choice of tapas. Alcachofas Rebozado was Gevi's choice. It was crunchy. At first bite, I thought it was fish fillet inside the crunchy exterior. Gevi quickly pointed out that it's artichoke. Eat this upon serving and while it's still hot.

Alcachofas Rebozado is battered and fried artichoke served with sofrito and aioli.

Quezo Fresca con Tomate PhP65

Spanish farmers' cheese with diced tomatoes, basil, paprika and garlic broiled into hot dip. Cheesy!

pinchitos morunos (chicken) PPhP80

Pinchitos morunos are bite sized chicken, pork or beef. 8 skewered chicken on stick are like barbeque only the quantity of meat is lesser.

Plato Mixta PhP425

I was wrong when I said we were already full from all the hot tapas that we ordered. Apparently, my two friends were still hungry and craving for more. Hmmm, they wanted to try cold tapas this time. 

Gevi and I both loved the Quezo Manchego than Quezo Humado. The former is more flavorful than the latter. Another favorite is the chorizo. When dip in caramelized onion, the chorizo balanced the sweet taste.

Quezo Manchego- slices of cured manchego cheese, sheep's milk cheese from La Mancha
Quezo  Humado- slices of smoke Spanish cheese
Jamon Serrano- slices of air dried cured Spanish ham

Gevi and I with our trademark pose

I am holding a chorizo on toothpick while Gevi holds her favorite Quezo Manchego. It was Cats who took our photo.

(l-r) queso manchego, quezo humado, jamon serrano, chorizo

with our server Glaiza Mercado

We had our photo taken with our server because she was knowledgeable about the menu and can answer most of the questions that we asked. Overall, we are very happy with the service.

Yes, all three of us were wearing the same shirt from Bench Clothing and jeggings. The terno outfit started during our college days and well carried on until today. Yes, we still shop together lol

Good times with friends!