Reunion at Lugang Cafe in Greenhills!

My visit: August 19, 2011

Lugang Cafe
116 Connecticut St.,
Greenhills, San Juan
7219100   5709011

When my "CareBear" friend, Marilene, invited DH and I over to her son's 1st birthday party a few weeks ago, I saw a lot of familiar faces but didn't quite get the chance to talk to all of them. We agreed to set a date and place for our mini reunion. It took place in Lugang Cafe, Greenhills 2 nights ago. 

my elementary classmates

I am still a bit sleepy as I am typing this entry because I went home at around 12:30am and slept at around 2 am. Talk about getting high from being so happy to see my old friends. Plus, I drank a large cup of WinterMelon Milk Tea  ; p

The dinner started a bit late because Leony, a fellow "CareBear" member, picked me up late ; p When we arrived, everyone was already seated. Oh, except for Harvey who had to drive all the way from Pasay City. He arrived at past 8pm.

Below were the food ordered by my friends. Upon entering, the restaurant smelled of hot and sour soup.

Hot and Sour Soup PhP180

When we were both settled in our seats, my other friends were complaining about the funky taste of hot and sour soup. Some were so bothered they even compared it to a rotten ... ok, I don't want to write it down here ; p Message me if you want to know lol

I took a few sip of the soup and it was too sour all right but I didn't taste anything wrong. The waitress told my friends that maybe the culprit was the duck oil used in dish. I was not able to finish my bowl of soup because I am acidic.

Green Onion Beef Stir Fry PhP320

The beef was chewy with large slices of green onion on top.

Seasonal Vegetable in Broth with Preserved Egg PhP300

I was able to taste this kind of dish in Kao Chi Banawe. I think the vegetable that was mix with preserved egg was spinach. The dish was already a bit cold when I took a bite because it has been on our table for a while. We were all busy chattering and updating with each others' lives.

Golden Fried Rice with Shreded Pork PhP

Sweet & Sour Whole Fish with Pine Nuts seasonal price

My favorite not because it's sweet and sour but because the fish's meat is delicious! Ok and because it's sweet and sour hahaha

 Chicken topped with Scallion and Ginger Oil PhP450

The chicken is tender. A generous amount of chopped scallion is on top with slices of tomatoes on the side.

Melon Milk Tea PhP120

I tasted powdered milk in my drink. It's that or the drink has not been blended well ; p

Steam Pork Xiao Long Bao PhP158 (6pcs.)

I have tried a piece of the pork xiao long bao... simply soup-y!

Bellagio Breeze PhP190

This is quite bland for a dessert. Don't let the picture fool you, it's not a flavorful dessert. Bellagio Breeze consists of red mungo beans, sago and shaved ice. I was not able to taste the purple and yellow sidings so I don't know what they were.

group pictures with the girls

with Harvey

another group shot

the original CareBear groupies

The last photo was taken inside Marilen's house where we stayed until past midnight. One night is not enough to catch up on each other's life. I miss my friends and I am glad to have spent one night with them ; p