Tsui Wah Restaurant Central Hong Kong

My visit: August 1, 2011

Tsui Wah Restaurant
The Best Cafe Restaurant
15-19 Wellington St., 
Central, Hong Kong

With a huge package in tow, DH and I trod to the nearest restaurant we could find which is Tsui Wah (TW) Restaurant. 

lamb chops set meal

You know I love lamb. When I went to Singapore late last year, the very first meal I had was lamb chops. When I was in Hong Kong, I still find time to eat my favorite.

The lamb chop was served on a hot plate over mashed potatoes with mixed vegetables and rice on the side.

lamb set includes a bun, soup and lemon iced tea

We were only two so the waitress was able to find us a seat on the side. This restaurant encourages people to diners to share a table to maximized the place. Even if it's a two level restaurant, the place is teeming with hungry diners. We caught this restaurant at its busiest time of the day. 

Even though a lot of foreigners eat in this restaurant, it was hard to communicate with them as only one staff can speak english. But one of a plus point is a menu written in english. 

DH with his order

DH really, really loves noodles. He orders one every chance that he gets and that day is not an exemption.

bowl of beef noodles

Slurp! slurp! Most of the noodle soup that we had ordered in Hong Kong uses spaghetti noodles. The soup has a generous portion of tender with slices of spring onions on top.

More food trip posts coming up!