Day 2: Yoga at 8 a.m. in Anvaya Cove

I woke up the next day hoping for a sunny day! Well, it was not exactly sunny but it did not rain as much as the day before. My friends were able to frolic on the sand, swim in the pool and eat, eat, eat!

 Anvaya Cove Tower Bar and Pool

The pool area is really big. I was not able to count how many swimming pools connected to each other. Even though there were plenty of people swimming, there was room for everybody. 

Can you see the tower bar on the background? We climbed the stairs up to the fifth floor the night before and could see nothing hahaha All those steps for nothing because it was raining. I am sure, on normal days, you can see a lot of stars at night. 

 the yoga instructor

I have signed up the night before for the 8:00 am yoga class. The class didn't start until 8:30 am because only two of us arrived on time lol  The room is air conditioned so I didn't sweat at all. There were a lot of breathing exercise though so I enjoyed it a lot. I miss yoga!

 my breakfast

The room is inclusive of breakfast for 2.  After my yoga practice, I went straight to the restaurant where the Filipino breakfast buffet is stationed. Everyone agreed that tocino tasted good. 

fruits and waffle

There is an omelette station near the Filipino buffet station along with some waffles. Another table is filled with  cereals, milk and bread. On the opposite side of the table, there are plenty of fruits and cakes. 

ceiling light fixture

I am really fond of this capiz chandelier. If only I can put it inside my bag and take it home hahaha

hallway to the parking lot

blooming flowers

Walking through the hallway, I saw lots of flowers hanging overhead like the one in the photo above.

starting to rain 

By midmorning, it was starting to rain a bit. 

pool bar

shower area

Bamboo Cafe

jacuzzi area

I thin there were several jacuzzis found in Anvaya Cove.


The waves are pretty strong so I decided not to swim in the beach. 

Boracay sands in Anvaya Cove?

How true that Anvaya's sandy beach is from Boracay?

sky and beach

I love taking photos of the sand, beach and the sky.

not calm enough for me hehehe

The following photos shows my love for nature:

waves coming right at you

my yoga buddy hahaha

love this picture perfect

awesome nature 

let's not forget the clouds

more photos of Anvaya Cove Beach & Nature Club

I love the blue sky

It would have been a perfect vacation spot if only it didn't rain.


ducks going somewhere?

last duck to follow

there goes the last duck lol

I saw ducks getting out of the pond. I can't help but take photos of them. They are so cute!

I can't wait for my next vacation! Now, the question is where to? Any suggestions?