Lunch in President Tea House SM City North EDSA

My visit: October 1, 2011

President Tea House
SM City 
North Ave. cor. EDSA
Bagong Pag- Asa, Quezon City

You have read about the unboxing of my new Panasonic Silveo Refrigerator. What I didn't tell you is that we spent half the day looking for the perfect replacement for our almost eight year old GE refrigerator. Several stores later, we were hungry so we decided to have our lunch in SM North EDSA. We searched around all floors in one of the buildings and found out that there was a limited choice until a familiar name of restaurant came to view- President Tea House. 

asado rice PhP150
I remember this restaurant because when I was a kid living in Manila, most of the invitations for large gatherings were held here. It is nice to see that the restaurant had already branched out. 
Being the predictable one, you should now that it was me who ordered asado rice topping. It was a bit dry though. My quest for the perfect asado continues.
cha misua PhP180

DH and I both agreed that we like this dish. It's a bit salty but was good enough for us. I actually found two of the dishes that we ordered salty. I ended up having a dry throat throughout the afternoon. I have to remember to request the kitchen to minimize the salt input in my ordered dish next time.

cold milk tea PhP45

I would want to go back to President Tea House even if it's just because of its milk tea. It is not overly sweet nor creamy and just enough ice to make the drink cold.

spinach 2 kinds egg PhP260

I learned to love spinach because of DH. This order has pork bits, large pieces of garlic, salted egg and century egg. What makes the dish salty? The salted egg of course! But I am not fond of it so I ate most of the spinach plus the century egg ; p

I like the interior of the restaurant. It has brightly- lit interior and has huge vases on both side of the restaurant. The service was fast and efficient so I will definitely back.