New find: Thaipan in Scout Lazcano Quezon City

My visit: November 2, 2011

Thai Cuisine Restaurant
120 Sct. Lazcano St.,
Quezon City
3524926   4578676

I accidentally saw this restaurant when we took the wrong turn looking for H Cuisine, home of the famous Angus beef belly. I vowed to come back to sample what this restaurant has to offer. Even before actually eating there, I already had suggested this restaurant to a couple of my friends. They came back without any violent reactions whatsoever hahaha 

Anyway, an opportunity came when after our movie date, DH and I had no place to eat. All our favorite restaurants in Trinoma are either closed down or under renovation. At that moment, Peking garden and Kimpura are not within our budget ; p 

Yam Som- O PhP310

Thaipan is a quaint place with lots and lots of mirror much like its predecessors- Romulo Cafe and Cerchio. At first glance, I thought that it's a pretty big place. The mirror does the trick. The hand painted wall is a plus too!

I was not feeling really well that night so I was not able to savour all the food that we ordered so bear with me. For starters, my choice is Yam Som- O- a pomelo salad with lots of garlic flakes, pork flakes, shredded chicken and coconut. The taste of pomelo blended well with the sweet spicy dressing.

Tom Yum Talay- mix seafood in hot & sour broth PhP145

When in a Thai restaurant, always order Tom Yum, at least that's what DH always does. I can't have a taste of this because of its hot and sour soup base. My stomach has zero tolerance for it.

Pad Thai PhP310

Pad Thai came with four sauces- sugar, fish sauce , chili flakes and vinegar. This Thai style stir fried rice noodles has shrimp, pork, tofu, bean sprout, chives and lots of crushed peanuts all wrapped up inside egg designed like a web.

DH and I were discussing how the chef did the egg design. Care to show me how?

Pad Prik Gaeng Goong Moo Sab PhP280

This dish is a spicy green vegetable with ground pork and shrimp. 

To rev up my appetite, DH ordered two deserts but that didn't sit too well with me because I am really not in the mood to eat. But don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with all the food that we have ordered. In fact, I wanted to go back when I am well enough so I can savour all the dishes and order more desserts.

sticky rice with mango PhP180

This dessert is just that... sticky rice with mango. The taste of this dessert depends on how sweet the mango is. A bit expensive for a few slices of mango and a cupful spoonful of sticky rice.

Ta Koh Sakhoo (20 minutes preparation time) PhP160

DH and I ate only two of these tapioca pearl steamed cake topped with red rubies which are really good and worth the twenty minute wait. I made sure to take home the rest of the dessert. After leaving it for several days in my ref, I am surprised that it tasted just like I remembered it. Suffice it to say, I ate it all hahaha Didn't leave one for DH ; p

Thaipan interior design by Almario sisters

I would like to commend our waiter that night, Alvin, who assisted and have given recommendation on the food that we ordered.

I will definitely be back!