Gift Guide: Ipanema for Men

Following up on the gift idea post, I bought DH his first ever Ipanema flip- flops- Surf Temas Masc. I want him to experience the comfort of walking on soft cushioned rubber. It's about time he shifts to Ipanema... the brand I love to wear!

Ipanema Surf Temas Masc II PhP895

I own several pairs of Ipanema flip-flops. I love the brand because it's very comfortable even when worn the whole day. The shape stays the same unlike a local brand I bought which turned flat when worn for a long period... waaaaah! The  designs are regularly updated too.

black/ orange color combination

I love the color combination of black/ orange. The colors can really stand out from the rest of the other color combinations available. I urged DH to get this color because dirt is not noticeable ; p 

Also available in these colors: blue/blue, black/ grey, blue/ white and grey/ yellow.

Made in Brazil

Ipanema is made in Brazil and is available in Bambu, Ground Floor, Trinoma where I bought this pair.