BSKIN BB Cream For All Skin Type!

My event: November 24, 2011

Cafe La Carmela
38 Jupiter St.,
Makati City

Most BB Cream brands in the market today are limited in the number of shades.... ack! Those who have darker skin are often on the losing end. Result? Face is paler than the neck after applying BB cream. Well, I have good news, HDI Network, part of the HDI Group of Companies- a networking company, came up with an innovative product called BSKIN. 

BSKIN BB Cream 30ml PhP780

BSKIN beautifies as it heals and provides you with that photo-ready skin in an instant. It has an anti-wrinkle effect and also conceals acne marks and other blemishes but without harsh ingredients that tend to aggravate skin problems and clog the pores. 

Please watch the YouTube video I captured featuring The Beauty Junkee using BSKIN BB Cream after the break then see the result for your self ; )

BSKIN with Microcap Technology

See the tiny gray specks? That's the Microcap Technology.

What does Microcap Technology do?

Microcaps release 95% of the active ingredients unto the skin  as a result of smooth rubbing action.

What are the active ingredients?

BSKIN is formulated from an all- natural ingredients- Green Tea Extract, Royal Jelly, Arbutin, Jojoba, Allantoin and Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E).

Step 1: Squeeze a small amount of BSKIN BB Cream

I squeezed a small amount of BSKIN BB Cream on the palm of my hand and then got my reliable Charm Stippling Brush as a tool to apply the BB Cream on my face. 

close up on the color transformation as I blend the BB Cream on my palm

Martha's BSKIN video... To See is to Believe!

BSKIN BB Cream looks promising and is great to work with all skin types especially those with darker skin. Finally, a BB Cream for everyone!

Step 2: Lightly dot BSKIN BB Cream on your face

The white streaks will disappear once you blend the BB Cream well, only your natural skin color will be visible once done.

Step 3: Blend it in well

Step 4: Allow BB Cream 1 minute to set and blend with your skin tone

my face and neck color are the same

What I like about BSKIN BB Cream:

  • It has SPF 37/ PA +++ (Titanium Dioxide & Zinc Oxide are present)
  • It has natural ingredients such as Green Tea- fights inflammations that leads to aging & Royal Jelly- stimulates blood circulation for healthy- looking skin
  • Dewy finish
  • Inexpensive at only PhP780 for a 30ml product
  • Licensed in the USA, made in Korea

What I don't like about BSKIN BB Cream:

  • It's scented- I don't like applying scented products on my face but that's just me ; p
  • It has light coverage- My freckles are still visible 
  • Not available in your nearest mall but you can order through their website

Beauty & Lifestyle bloggers with Ms. Elaine Gallardo, HDI Marketing & Communications Manager (right)

The event itself was fun because it was an intimate gathering with some of my beauty blogger friends. I love it when it's just a few of us... chika galore! lol