How to eat Sangchu-ssam

When in Korea, learn how to eat the Korean way. On our first day, our tour guide, Mike taught us how to eat Sangchu-ssam.

DH holding sangchu-ssam

Cooked rice and other food wrapped in Korean lettuce is called Sangchu- ssam- Wikipedia

sangchu- lettuce
ssam means wrap

We ate at Korean Restaurant- what a creative name, huh?- when we went to check out in advance our ride for our trip back to the airport using KORAIL Seoul Station.

As usual we ordered galbi or kalbi beef as one of the toppings for our sangchu-ssam.

Galbi generally refers to a variety of gui or grilled dishes made with marinated beef short ribs in a ganjang- based sauce (Korean soy sauce). It means ribs. It indicates uncooked ribs. - Wikipedia

step 1: place lettuce on your hand

What goes in sangchu- ssam:

  • lettuce
  • rice
  • sauce (ssamjang and/ or gochujang)
  • meat (in this case galbi but you can also put samgyeopsal or even fish)
  • appetizer (banchan)

step 2: add a tablespoon of rice

step 3: add ssamjang

step 4: add galbi and banchan

step 5: wrap and eat

Korean Restaurant


banchan; Korean perilla leaf "ggaennip" and chili

banchan- appetizers

Free appetizers alongside your order. Usually 5 or more kinds are placed on your table. You can add banchan to your sangchu-ssam.

galbi beef

Kimchi jjigae

Kimchi jjigae- a stew made with kimchi

DH enjoying bibimbop

I hope you learn something! Next time you are in a Korean restaurant, you will know what to order! And what to do ; p hahaha

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