Korea Chronicle: Lotte World Korea

My visit: December 29, 2011

Day 7 (2nd day DIY Seoul Tour)

Lotte World
40-1, Songpa- Ku Chamshil- dong,
Seoul, Korea
02- 4112000

Weekday: 9:30am to 7:30pm
Weekend: 9:30am to 8:30pm

We were already in Lotte World around 11:30am but decided to wait until it was 4pm before buying a ticket. The After4 Special Pass entrance fee is cheaper- W23, 000 (PhP 920) per person ; p

There were ticket booths/ticket vending machines located on all 4 levels. It was not even weekend- it's Thursday but the line was really long when we got there. We saw a lot of tourists flocked near the entrance and also visitors in their teens plus families with kids in tow. We assumed that the waiting time for rides is going to be longer in the morning than in the afternoon.

welcome to Lotte World

While waiting, we had lunch at Lotteria. It's like Korea's version of McDonald's. We spent like W5, 900 (PhP236) for lunch- a meal consisting of a burger, fries & drink. We shared 1 order ; p Pa sweet effect! The rest of the afternoon was spent shopping looking around  Lotte Department Store and Shopping Mall for cheap finds.

with Lotty & Lorry- Lotte World's mascots

Before lunch, I spotted this cute pair of Lotte World mascots named Lotty & Lorry. DH & I got in line to have our photo taken. Pretty cool, huh?

entertainers from Lotte World

taken along the bridge connecting Adventure Indoor & Magic Island

Lotte World facilities includes:

  • Adventure Indoor (Theme Park)
  • Magic Island (Romance on the Lake)
  • Folk Museum (Pages in History)
  • Shopping Mall (Smart Shopping)
  • Sports (Relieve Your Stress)

Magic Island

Magic Pass or Ride Reservation Service was not in effect when we visited the park in the afternoon.

Magic Pass Attraction includes:

  • Adventures of Sinbad
  • The Conquistador
  • Flume Ride
  • French Revolution
  • Jungel Adventure
  • Pharaoh's Fury
Magic Island 
  • Comet Express
  • Gyro Drop
  • Gyro Swing
  • Atlantis

Waiting time was still long in the afternoon but gradually shorten as the nightfall.

Gyro Drop

Gyro Drop- Free fall from 70m high at 100km per hour

DH said that riding Gyro Drop will leave you no time to scream lol He rode it twice! Brave soul ; p

Waikiki Wave

Waikiki Wave- Unpredictable twisting and turning action

Bungee Drop

Bungee Drop- Vertical thrill of three continuous bungee drops

DH was able to try Bungee Drop before we left. The lines were shorten then. Visitors were either getting ready to leave or having their dinner.

Swing Tree

Swing Tree- Spinning around on a leaf chair

first & last ; p

crazy swing.. never again! 

DH forced dragged me to ride Swing Tree. We waited in line for about 30 minutes. I was really dizzy the whole time I was on it. I will never ride anything like this again! DOn't forget to watch the video above!

night shot

We were outdoor and it was a cold night. I could not tolerate it. We left the amusement park before 8pm and ate at one of the few restaurants within Lotte World that's still open.

The following day, we went to Myeongdong. Keep coming back for more of my Korea posts because we visited Hello Kitty Cafe and Charlie Brown's!

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