Bread & Bean Cafe in San Juan

April 11, 2012

Bread and Bean Cafe Bakery Resto
Unit 2 Citiplace Building 
8001 J. Abad Santos,
San Juan

I am happy to share the restaurant that I frequently visit whenever I crave for Tocilog-Bread and Bean Cafe. Aside from Red Ribbon, it is one of the few restaurants that serves delectable tocino. It is located right across Serenitea in J. Abad Santos in San Juan. You would not miss the maroon and cream signage and numerous parking slots in front of the restaurant. 

pork tocino PhP160

An order of tocilog consists of meaty pork tocino, 2 sunny side up eggs and garlic rice. You can choose from either coffee or iced tea for drinks. Atchara or pickled green papaya together with vinegar are perfect partners for pork tocino.

If you are not fond of pork, there is an alternative choice-chicken tocino which is just as good.

bangus PhP190

My mother usually orders boneless bangus meal together with brewed coffee. It also includes 2 eggs and a cup of garlic rice.

halo-halo with cherry on top PhP85

halo-halo ingredients

What better way to enjoy summer than a glass of halo-halo (Tagalog word for MIX). It is a traditional Filipino dessert that is served on a tall glass of shaved ice with evaporated milk. It has various ingredients like preserved langka (jackfruit), slices of banana, corn, red bean, macapuno, ube and gelatin. Sometimes, leche flan is added on top.

Bread and Bean Cafe's version has whipped cream with cherry on top. It did not scrimp on ube (purple yam) as you can see in the photo. It is a perfect companion to beat the heat this summer ; p

If you are a tocino fan, drop by this cafe. Who knows, you might be able to see me eating my favorite dish or a halo-halo if it's a sweltering afternoon ; p

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