Greenwich Spaghetti Supreme for only 49 Pesos!

April 19, 2012

Greenwich Pizza & Pasta
Rockeoke Night with Greenwich Barkada
Katipunan Branch

Who doesn't love spaghetti? The classic red spaghetti is the first thing that comes to mind whenever we plan for any party. Filipinos have distinctly made the spaghetti their own by adding a little bit of sweetness and a meatier flavor.

Greenwich Spaghetti Supreme with Garlic Stix only PhP49!

Greenwich recently launched the all-new and improved Greenwich Spaghetti Supreme during the Rockeoke Night in Katipunan. It has 25% more noodles and sweet-blended sauce. It has richer tomato sauce. It means using only the finest and freshest ingredients- perfect for the Filipino taste!

It uses juicy ground beef with freshly grated cheese on top. Let's not forget the tasty Garlic Stix that goes well with every order of Greenwich Spaghetti Supreme. All these for only PhP49!

Franco (@FCOBigBoy) with Greenwich 7 Cheese Overload (Barkada/thick crust)PhP399

During the event, aside from Buffalo Wingman (PhP119-4 pcs./PhP179-6 pcs.) and Crunchy Onion Rings (PhP25-Regular/PhP45-Medium/PhP89-Barkada), I ate a slice of Greenwich 7 Cheese Overload. This pizza is topped with 7 different types of cheese-mozzarella, blue cheese, cheddar, parmesan, edam, cream cheese and special cheese.

This is also available in Double size-Thin crust PhP229/Thick crust PhP259. Barkada size Thin crust is only PhP349. 


Greenwich server-Nadz

Rockeoke Barkada Night will not be complete without getting the whole gang to sing with live band to boot. Bloggers, people behind Greenwich, PRs and even the server grabbed the mic that night.  

Greenwich Rockeoke Night

It was a memorable night to remember! Truly, Greenwich Barkada is the best!

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