Halo Halo Cake at UCC One Rockwell

May 11, 2012

West Tower, One Rockwell
Rockwell Drive

Jin invited DH and I to try out UCC newest cake creations. I know it will be crazy to turn down such an invite but I have a problem, the event date would fall on our wedding anniversary.  A dilemma that didn't last long because as I continued to read her invite, the second paragraph said that she will be presenting... The Halo Halo Cake!

UCC Halo Halo cake PhP250

Yes, she got me at Halo Halo because I have been deprived of dessert for some time. With all the binge eating I have been doing, I can't eat desserts anymore lest I want to balloon up to 200 pounds at the end of the year. Anyway, Jin also promised that we will experience a bongga night ; p

The Halo Halo came in at the latter part of the meal but I was able to taste the creamy leche flan sandwiched in between layers of soft ube chiffon. Cream, caramelized banana, langka and macapuno made up the rest of the filling. Of course, as with any other halo halo, it was topped with cornflakes and nangkasuy ice cream on the side. Surprisingly, it was not too sweet at all, making it a perfect substitute of the usual halo halo that we were used to.

 Seafood Salad PhP389

For starters, I ordered Seafood Salad. I love the burst of color on my plate! There were 3 pieces of shrimp tempura, 4 scallops, slices of tomatoes, cucumber and bell pepper on top of the veggies. Kani (crab meat), whole kernel corn and mayonnaise together with the Japanese salad dressing completed the seafood salad.

Buttermilk Pancake 1 pc. PhP90; Corned Beef (hashed) PhP145

Did you know that pancakes can now be accessorized? You can either go for fruity (banana, apple, blueberry) add only PhP45 or meaty (frankfurter, spam) add PhP145. If you are an egg lover, go for eggy (sunny side up, scrambled), for PhP25. 

Choose the best partner to go with your soft, fluffy buttermilk pancake! Buttermilk Pancake is also available in 2 pieces for only PhP150. 

 Lengua Spaghetti PhP369

By now, you should know that anything exotic on the table, it has to be DH's order. He chose Lengua Spaghetti instead of the more exotic one-Char Siu Curry Soup Spaghetti  (CSCSS) PhP389. 

If you are adventurous, I suggest you order both. From what I heard, CSCSS was a recipe concocted by the owner himself-Hubert Young.

Japanese Char Siu Pita Pan PhP289

Since we were not able to taste CSCSS, we ordered Japanese Char Siu Pita Pan. It uses the same sweet melt in your mouth Char Siu as CSCSS only this time without the curry soup.

One order can be shared by two persons as this is quite a heavy meal.

UCC Mais Con Yelo cake PhP185
The sweetest corn kernels creamed and mixed into milky, velvety paste...this is the heavenly filling we slather in between our fluffy vanilla cake. Served with queso ice cream, corn flakes and more sweet corn. 
 Pearl Coolers-Pearl Milk Coffee PhP119; Pearl Milk Tea PhP119

I fancy UCC's version of Pearl Milk Coffee more than their Pearl Milk Tea. Don't forget  to mix the milk together with the coffee before drinking it. The coffee is not that strong, I am not a coffee drinker so that's perfect for me. The pearls are chewy and not sweet. 

For an extra PhP15, you can add a bunch of coffee jelly cubes on your drink.

 Mais Con Yelo Parfait PhP199

Pearl Coffee Parfait PhP239

Parfait is a dessert consisting of layers of ice cream, whipped cream and often fruits served in a tall glass.

I was not able to taste all the desserts that was served to us that night so I have many reasons to go back ; p 

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