Caffe Dolce in Banawe Quezon City

June 15, 2012

Caffe Dolce The Healthy Cafe
848Mezzanine Level, banawe St. near Linaw St.,
Siena, Quezon City

My friend, Gevi, who frequents Banawe area in Quezon City suggested a meet up along with Cats in a fairly new restaurant called Caffe Dolce (The Healthy Cafe) for our "girls night out".  No, this is not your usual get-all-drunk-Friday-night-out, we are all for wholesome and clean fun ; p

 strawberry waffle with ice cream PhP 350

Caffe Dolce is a healthy cafe because it primarily caters to people who are vegetarians. For people like us - who are not picky eaters, they also serve sinful desserts like Strawberry Waffle with Ice Cream ; p

One order of Strawberry Waffle with Ice Cream has 4 slices of thick waffles, strawberry ice cream with strawberry bits and fresh strawberry fruit on top of a generous serving of whipped cream. This order screams strawberry overload which I really like since it's really my favorite! 

 fruit yoghurt salad single PhP 135 ; double PhP 250

Fresh fruits of the day like peaches, mangoes, kiwi, pineapple, apple, kiwi and strawberries are topped with honey yoghurt dressing and raisins. If you are expecting a lot of vegetables in this order, you might get disappointed because only a few pieces of vegetables are in the bowl. For vegetable lovers, order the Green Garden Salad (single PhP99 ; Double 189) instead. It's cheaper and way healthier with citrus vinaigrette dressing. 

 fried cheese set - fried potato balls, mozzarella sticks and ham & cheese rolls PhP 249

One of the items o the menu that caught our eyes is fried cheese set. It has three varieties of cheese fillings served with marinara and tartar sauce. Ok, health addicts, this order is not for you because every thing is deep-fried but we love it nonetheless!

baked ziti PhP 205

Another order that is overloaded with cheese is Baked Ziti. This is a lot like lasagna but it's easier to make because because there is no layers of noodles involved. This order in particular made use of penne pasta sprinkled with herbs and then baked with generous amount of cheese on top and a slice of baked bread. The result is an aromatic pasta dish that is meant to be shared with friends. 

 tropical fruit pizza 6" PhP 210 ; 12" PhP349

By now, we have gone overboard with our fruit orders. I know you feel the same way too just by looking at my photos. I promised myself to come back and order other dishes on their menu. 

Anyway, Tropical Fruit Pizza is Caffe Dolce's house specialty. It's basically a thin crust pizza in bechamel sauce topped with seasonal tropical fruits like strawberry, kiwi, mango and pineapple. 

Other pizza flavors that I like to try on my next visit are Favorito Mia Pizza, Rolled Pizza ala Caffe Dolce and Quatro e Formaggi (four cheese). Price varies for 6" and 12" pizzas. 

Bechamel is a rich white sauce made with milk infused with herbs and other flavorings.

 fresh tropical fruit tea pot PhP 160

We shared a pot of Fresh Tropical Fruit Tea. Ok, another fruit, I know, I know! We didn't realize that all our orders were fruits. We felt everything tastes the same and we could describe it in one word - sweet!  It was entirely our fault ; (

Don't get me wrong, the restaurant is really worth visiting. Just don't make the same mistake like what we did. There are a lot of items on their menu, don't forget to be adventurous!

girls just want to have fun!

Well, except for a few slices of pizza and one slice of waffle, it seems that we devoured everything that we ordered hahaha We had fun that night, we were so full that we didn't hop on to the next coffee shop like we used to do after eating dinner. 

 tofu risotto PhP 219

I went back to Caffe Dolce with DH last June 23. This time we ordered food items that were entirely different from the last time. We ordered the recommendations of the cafe owner herself. The items were not even listed on the menu.

One of the items was Tofu Risotto. It comprises of three slices of tofu over risotto. Thick slices of tofu is perfect to go with the mushroom sauce. It was flavorful yet it will take a lot of time for me to get used to only tofu as my viand. I was not able to finish the entire dish, I had to give some to DH so he could taste it too.

Risotto is an Italian dish of rice cooked in stock with other ingredient such as meat and vegetables.

sundried pesto PhP199

DH ordered sundried pesto. He said it was okay but lacks cheese so he requested an additional serving of parmesan cheese. I think he was quite happy about it. 

avocado frost PhP149

Another new item is Avocado Frost. I can taste more milk than the avocado ; p I wonder how the Melon Frost taste like?

chamomile tea with apple PhP 165

DH ordered a pot of Chamomile Tea with Apple. It was served in this cute little pitcher that I want to take home hahaha It was such a refreshing drink.

very Cath Kidson like wallpaper

interior of Caffe Dolce

Overall, the cafe is worth a visit. The interior is really nice with al fresco dining for those people who smoke. I would go back not so much for the food but for its tea concoction. Parking is a problem with only four to five cars alloted for the entire building but then again most of the restaurants in Banawe have limited parking space ; p

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