Physiogel Hypoallergenic & Other Products - Solution to my Dry, Sensitive Skin

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These days, I am happy because I have found a solution to my dry skin. You see, I have been visiting my dermatologist for numerous problems.

It all began late last year when I visited her clinic before I left for a vacation in Korea because I found tiny bumps in my forehead, I have back acne and also the disturbing rash on my chest. It felt so weird that everything came out simultaneously, even DH was in panic mode! But with diligence in applying the prescribed topical medication, all my problems were solved or so I thought!

Earlier this year, I noticed that there was a small circular dry area on my right cheek. Of course, I went back to my dermatologist. I was going anyway for a follow-up check up on the condition of my back acne - it was the most annoying thing that has happened to me.  During that visit, aside from topical medication prescription for my pimples, she gave me a sample sachet of Physiogel Hypoallergenic Cream for the dry area on my right cheek. I found it effective so after finishing it, I bought several sachets of different Physiogel products so I can try which one my skin needs.

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