Date Night in Cafe Juanita

June 2, 2012

Cafe Juanita
#19 West Capitolyo Drive
Barrio Capitolyo, Pasig City
6330357   7101562

After closing a deal with a furniture shop in the area, DH and I spotted Cafe Juanita. I would have mistaken it as an old house if not for the signage seated on top of the deck.

Cafe Juanita

We walked in without reservation. Girl, am I glad we were given a table! This is one Asian Fusion restaurant that we would be going back for more...

mango salad PhP199

For starters, we ordered crispy catfish mango salad. The catfish was placed on top to preserve its crispiness. The sweet sauce was just right to balance out the sourness of the shredded mango while the onion gives this salad its distinctive taste.

okoy PhP189

Very few restaurants serve okoy, when I do see one listed on its menu, I make sure to order it.  Our order is cut into several triangle pieces. Each piece is then dip into a special sweet & spicy dipping sauce. You can feel the crunch in every bite!

okoy-crisp shrimp fritters

goi cuon PhP278

Goi Cuon is a 4-piece fresh spring rolls packed with togue, vermicelli and a piece of shrimp. It is paired with a home made peanut sauce. Must order when you visit Cafe Juanita!

goi cuon-fresh spring roll

molo soup PhP110

Toasted garlic is served on the side together with each serving of molo soup. It can be shared by two persons. Warm soup is always perfect for rainy days.

Molo Soup is a Filipino dish made with ground pork wrapped in wanton wrapper simmered with chicken stock. 

special dinuguan PhP215

We ordered extra puto (PhP60) to go with Special Dinuguan. It turned out to be as hard as a rock-the result of heating and reheating in a microwave ; ( Bummer, right? Anyway, other than that, Special Dinuguan is just like how my DH wanted it, more meat. It would have been perfect if they added more sauce ; p

Dinuguan is a traditional Filipino savory stew of pork blood and meat mixed with vinegar, garlic and chili. 

bagnet PhP298

DH and I can't get enough of bagnet. Tomatoes, onions and home-made bagoong gives this dish a flavorful taste. 

We tasted 2 kinds of bagoong that night. We could not decide which one to get, we ended up buying both hahaha

Bagnet is crispy pork belly; deep fried twice resulting in crackling skin of pork

mini turon PhP89

The dessert was served late. As you can see in the photo, it was served with a melted ice cream. This order has nothing special to offer. You might want to skip this and order another dessert on the menu. 

tamarind fruit shake PhP80

Another one thing that you should not order is the tamarind fruit shake. Well, it just didn't taste like tamarind. Actually, all I can taste was the sweetness of drink and nothing more.

The lighting inside the restaurant is just so bad for my Canon Ixus 860IS, it didn't do justice to all the food we ordered. Except for the dessert and the fresh fruit juice, we like everything that we ordered so we will definitely be back for more!

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