Purity Facial with Organics (Selvert Thermal) at The Spa

I already blogged about The Spa Reflexology here.  Now, I am sharing with you the second part of my relaxing experience- Purity Facial with Organics using Selvert Thermal. 

Selvert means "Open Sky" in Catalan. This represents Dr. Bach's (founder of Selvert Thermal) vision that Selvert products are meant for everybody and for every type of skin, just as the sky is open to the whole world.

Purity Facial with Organics (Suite / Villa - 60 minutes) - PhP2900

Like a whiff of fresh air, Purity Facial with Organics will leave the skin with all the goodness that nature has to offer. It fights free radical damage, leaving skin brighter, hydrated and nourished.

I was with three other bloggers that day so you can imagine the catching up we did during The Spa Reflexology treatment. All that changed when we all started the Purity Facial with Organics. Suddenly the room became quiet, it seems that we were all enjoying the benefits of the treatment. 

The following are the treatment protocol for Purity Facial with Organics:

Step 1: Cleansing Scrub

To effectively wipe away dead skin cells, the therapist used an exfoliating cream made of ecological coconut shells that are ground into fine powder then combined it with a facial massage. 

Step 2: Intensive Purifying Gel

Step 3: Gentle Cleanser

I skipped these 2 steps because I don't like blackhead extraction. 

Step 4: Veil Mask with Herbal Infusion

The veil mask is placed in the face and a mixture of cellulose and herbal tea infusions is applied on top of it to ensure better penetration. The herbal infusions have been chosen for their remarkable cosmetic properties:

  • Organic Chamomile for a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect
  •  Organic Mint for oxygenating, reviving and decongesting effect
  • Organic white Tea for regenerating and reaffirming effect
  • Organic Green Tea for repairing and anti-oxidant effect

Step 5: Hydrating / Oxygenating Emulsion

This silky emulsion consists of Organic Rose Water to revitalize; Fig, Cotton Seeds and Linen Extract to hydrate, and Blueberry, Lemon, Sugar Cane and Orange Extracts to regenerate, reduce pigmentation, brighten and improve skin elasticity. Combined with a relaxing facial massage, the skin is left perfectly hydrated, nourished and velvety smooth. 

Overall, I had a very relaxing experience. I think I even fell asleep hahaha For those of you who have sensitive skin, this treatment is advisable provided you follow what I did (skip blackhead extraction ; p). Anyway, I like this treatment because there are no animal-testing involved. There's no pesticides, silicone or paraben either. Best of all, it uses only 100% natural ingredients. 

Selvert Thermal used on my face

Purity Facial with Organics is available in all The Spa branches - Acropolis, Alabang, Eastwood, The Fort, Greenbelt, Rockwell and Trinoma. It is also available in Deluxe / Executive Room for only PhP2700. 

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