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November 6, 2012

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Next year, DH and I will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. We plan to celebrate it by going on a European Holiday. In fact, visiting Europe was included in my bucket list. I wrote it a few months ago and it's entitled Four Before Forty. These are 4 things which I wanted to accomplish before I reach the age of the big 4-0! ; p

When I received an invite from Trafalgar, a family-owned international travel group, for the launching of its Summer 2013 Travel Products, I was ecstatic. I know I can learn a lot from attending the said event.

 Trafalgar - the global leader in guided holidays

Just a brief background on Trafalgar....

From its humble beginnings in 1947 to today, Trafalgar have delivered unforgettable experiences to over two million travelers worldwide.
As the true insider of guided holidays, we're dedicated to providing holiday experiences unlike any other. Through our depth of local knowledge you'll discover the places you've always dreamed of and enjoy authentic experiences you would never have on your own.
Trafalgar remains a family-owned company and the Tollman family continue to play an integral role in shaping the future of Trafalgar. We're committed to further developing our guided holidays and enhancing our insider experiences, to provide even greater value on your holiday. - SOURCE

I am very excited to share with you the different types of holiday Trafalgar has in stored for you. Read after the break...

At Trafalgar, you are assured of First Class Guided Holidays all through out your stay.You won't have to worry about your accommodation, transportation, breakfast and other included meals.

Your Choice of Holidays:

  • At Leisure Guided Holidays - These are slow-paced (depart no earlier than 9am) tours ideally for those who are senior citizens and people who likes to be with a small group
  • Costsaver Guided Holidays - Get the best value-for-money with this package ideally for the budget-conscious travelers who wants to have more free time on their hands
  • Family Experiences Guided Holidays - Traveling with the whole family? No problem, Trafalgar offers family -friendly activities

One of the many features that I want to experience if and when I will travel with Trafalgar is the Be My Guest dining experiences.  Travelers who booked with Trafalgar will be welcomed into the private homes, working farms, wineries and other family-run establishments for a true taste of local culture.

I travel at least once a year. This year alone, I have traveled to Shenzhen, China, Hong Kong and Taipei, Taiwan. By the end of the year, If get my visa approved, DH and I plan to go to Japan for our Christmas Holiday. When we went to Seoul, Korea last year, DH and I met an amiable guide named Mike. He is a local expert and we surely learned a lot about the history, places to visit and restaurants to go to. In short, he was our insider in Korea. In my opinion, we will not be in awe with Korea if we had a different guide. With Trafalgar, each tour group have what they call Travel Director. The Travel Director will enrich your travel experience by sharing fascinating insights, based on their specialized knowledge in the area you are visiting.  He is your friend in Europe, giving you a real insider's perspective on each region, in ways you simply could not experience doing on your own.

I remembered how my late uncle, Richard Cu who is a professional tour guide, used to animatedly tell stories about his trips around the world. Writing this post makes me miss him so much.

With over 65 years of experience, I hope I can join in one of Trafalgar's holiday of a lifetime next year! In the mean time, I am still collecting all my papers for my Japan Visa Application. Keeping my fingers crossed that we will have a wonderful holiday in Osaka and Tokyo by the end of the year!

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