UPDATED! My dining experience with Cecille Chang at Thai Bistro

November 4, 2012

Thai Bistro
Ground Level
Unit 187 Robinsons Magnolia
Quezon City
7036910   09178381696   09231003530

Two Sundays ago, DH and I were invited by Ms. Cecille Chang, chef/owner of Thai Bistro, to dine in her newest baby at Robinsons Magnolia. After helping conceptualized Thai at Silk, Simply Thai and Thaipan, Ms. Chang has finally decided to put up a restaurant that she can call her own. Yes, we have eaten in two out of her three previous restaurants ; p It was really a pleasure to meet the woman behind it.

Prawn Fresh Rolls PhP 310

A few hours before going to the restaurant, I searched online to find out what Thai Bistro has to offer. I saw Soft Shell Crab presented in various ways on some blog entries, it certainly has whetted my appetite. If my memory serves me right, I raved about a soft shell crab dish in my Thai at Silk entry.

Thai Bistro's Soft Shell Crab cooked in more ways than one:

  • Soft Shell Crab Double Fried with Tamarind Puree and Green Chili Dips (Starter) -  PhP 380
  • Soft Shell Crab Pomelo with Honey Roasted Jam and Basil Slivers (Salads) - PhP 395
  • Crispy Soft Shel Crab (Curries) - PhP 395
  • Black Pepper Soft Shell Crab with Tomatoes, Onions and Spring Onions (Stir Fried) PhP 380

To my disappointment, soft shell crab was not available that day huhu ; ( Another favorite, Thai Dungeness Crab was also not available.

As we perused the elaborate menu, there were quite a few interesting dishes that DH and I would love to try. To continue reading about our Thai Bistro dining experience, click read more....

Thai Bistro's Prawn Fresh Rolls PhP 310

Each Prawn Fresh Roll consists of mustard leaf, rice noodles and herbs with prawn on top. When eaten alone, it tasted bland but try dipping it into the dressing and this dish will be bursting with flavor in your mouth. It was very filling too. DH and I managed to eat only one piece each then took home the rest ; p

When I got home, I immediately placed it inside the refrigerator, I served it the next night. No heating required. Same good taste.

Mieng Kham PhP 180

I was actually contemplating about putting the photo above of Mieng Kham as my primary photo ; p It looks very colorful and appetizing, don't you think?

this is how I eat my Mieng Kham without the chili, of course ; p

Roll the leaf as you would roll a piece of paper, be careful not to squeeze it too much or else the juice will flow onto your plate. Eating Mieng Kham could be messy but I do not mind because in my opinion, this is the best tasting appetizer at Thai Bistro. 

(l-r) Refreshing Cucumber Mint PhP 130 & Lemongrass Juice PhP 80

I remembered ordering Cool as Cucumber in Cerchio and Romulo Cafe, here and here. I asked Cecille if they have one on the menu. She said she has a better version - cucumber with orange juice and Chang soda water combined.

Lumpinee Salad PhP 295

Lumpinee Salad was highly recommended by Cecille. It has heart of palm, generous portion of almond chips and carrots. I think the sitaw is raw but I ate it anyway because it was really crunchy ; p DH, who does not like salad as much as I do, finished everything ; p

Thai Ravioli PhP 295

If you still have room for one more appetizer, I suggest that you order Thai Ravioli. It's sesame beef and shitake mushroom wrapped in steamed rice paper. I didn't even dip this appetizer in its sauce, the Thai Ravioli in itself is good enough.

Sala Daeng PhP 268

Thai Bistro's Sala Daeng looks complicated to eat but Cecille taught us how to scrape it hahaha

scrape till you get the chicken meat out of lemongrass florets

Lamb Shank Massaman PhP 540

When I think of Thai Bistro's Lamb Shank Massaman, I compare it with Hossein's Mache Polo. Same consistency, almost the same in serving size, only this one is cheaper by a few hundred pesos. We finished the sweet potato chips and took home the rest of Lamb Shank Massaman not because this dish was not good, believe me when I say it has exceeded our expectation, but because we ordered way too much ; p

Patpong Rice PhP 285

Where else can you order a rice with chili Jam but only in Thai Bistro ; p The green colored ingredient is string beans cut into bite-sized pieces.

Chiang Mai Khao Soi PhP295

Everybody knows that DH loves noodles so our trip to Thai Bistro is not complete without ordering one. Chiang Mai Khao Soi is Northern's Thailand's pride. It is chicken curry with 2 ways egg noodles.

Tom Yum Talay PhP 155

When in a Thai restaurant, do not forget to order Tom Yum - a hot and sour soup. We chose seafood soup. 

There are two other varieties:

  • Tom Yum Kung PhP 145 - hot and sour prawn soup
  • Tom Kha Gai PhP 140 - chicken, coco milk and galagal soup (don't ask me what it is ; p)

Thai Gem PhP 170

I always make room for dessert but that day, I was so full that I can only take in one dessert (it better be good ; p) and DH chose Thai Gem. It is red-colored water chestnut in shaved ice with coconut milk. I think we have eaten water chestnut before in Muang Thai, only this one has generous serving of water chestnuts ; p

with the stylish chef-in-stilettos, Cecille Chang

I seldom accept food invite because aside from the fact that I like paying for what "I like to eat", I can give my unbiased opinion. I made an exception when Ms. Cecille Chang extended her invitation through another blogger, Shen. We have eaten in Ms. Chang's other restaurants, we liked it so this decision is a no-brainer. We were pretty impressed with what we ate and we are looking forward to try out other items on the menu like Soft Shell Crab, Thai Iced Tea and other desserts.

Robinsons Magnolia Toilet

Robinsons Magnolia Toilet

Off topic, one of the many reasons why I go back to Robinsons Magnolia, aside from that it's so near my place, is the toilet facilities. You don't have to pay a single centavo to use its facilities. Tissue is provided inside every cubicle. There is also automatic hand dryer and hands- free faucet (automatic with sensor).

That's it, folks! Pardon me for posting this late in the day. I am so tired. I went back to Bikram Yoga this morning after four years, can you believe it? I feel sick right now. Hopefully, I ca sleep early and wake up in time for the morning class tomorrow ; p



I went back to Thai Bistro last November 23. I was with my good friend, Gevi. I suggested we ordered Mieng Kham PhP 180 for appetizer. The rest of our orders were different from what I have already tasted like my favorite, Black Pepper Soft Shell Crab with Tomatoes, Onions and Spring Onions (Stir Fried) PhP 380.

The only other dish that I have not tried was Thai Dungeness Crab. At PhP 190 per gram, minimum of 1 kilo, we figured we could not finish it. Now, I have another reason to go back ; p

Here's what we have ordered: 

 Thai Pearl Milk Tea PhP 110

Thai Bistro's Thai Pearl Milk Tea tastes so much better than 8 Spices Thai Cuisine.

 Crispy Catfish with Mango Salad PhP 295

I was overwhelmed with too much catfish in one dish. I prefer Lumpinee Salad over this.

 Black Pepper Soft Shell Crab with Tomatoes, Onions and Spring Onions (Stir Fried) PhP 380

Now, on to my favorite - Black Pepper Soft Shell Crab with Tomatoes, Onions and Spring Onions. It was saucy yet crispy. I want to try Soft Shell Crab Double Fried with Tamarind Puree and Green Chili Dips (Starter) PhP 380.

 Pad Thai PhP 320

Pad Thai is rice noodles with pork, shrimps, egg and beansprout.

This is Gevi's favorite. She was so happy with it. I told her to take home the remaining Pad Thai.

 with my good friend, Gevi

Our date that night didn't end in Thai Bistro. We still have room for gelato so we headed to Afters Espresso & Desserts ; p

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