WooRiJib Korean Restaurant Buffet starts at PhP 299!

October 27, 2012

Woo Ri Jib Restaurant
10 Kalayaan Ave.,
Quezon City

Remember my Bulgogi Garden post? Well, a week later, we went back to Kalayaan Ave. and visited the restaurant next to it named Woo Ri Jib. It means "Our Home" in Korean. I can't believe that DH and I just discovered it because the restaurant has been in the business since 1999.

samgyupsal and galbisal buffet PhP 499

Woo Ri Jib offers buffet for as low as PhP 299 (Samgyupsal). These are bacon-like strips only thicker. Anyway, we went for PhP 499 dinner buffet. It includes galbisal, bulgogi and of course, samgyupsal.

Beef Bulgogi (uncooked)

Bulgogi is a Korean dish that usually consists of grilled marinated beef, chicken or pork- SOURCE

Beef Bulgogi (cooked)

Bulgogi was the first dish served to us. According to the waiter, samgyupsal and galbisal were still frozen ; p Since the beef was marinated, the flavor was more intense. Some of the beef strips were tough to chew on because the heat was set on high therefore overcooking the meat ; ( We can only finish one set, you could ask for a refill if you can still take it. Just remember, there are going to be two more dishes aside from the  several banchan (appetizers) on your table.

6 banchan were served to us that night

perilla leaves or sesame leaves and fresh lettuce... yey!

Korean fish cakes

spinach banchan

spicy Korean seafood stew

My top three Woo Ri Jib banchan are fish sticks, spinach and spicy Korean seafood soup. All banchan are refillable.

traditional Korean dipping sauce: salt & pepper with sesame oil and Korean soybean paste (Doenjang)

Korean BBQ

The first batch of Korean BBQ was cooked by the waiter. It was quite tough to chew on because it was overcooked. So, for the second batch, DH took the initiative and cooked the remaining pork and beef meat. It tasted much better than the first.

we even cooked the garlic... yum!


my very own sangchu-ssam

The restaurant should improve on the exhaust system or the lack thereof. There was no working  air-conditioner during our visit, only electric fan. The service was efficient. There are several parking slots right in front of the restaurant.

I think small Korean restaurants, especially those that looks like a house converted into restaurant, serves more authentic Korean cuisine.

Next stop will be the Korean restaurant beside Woo Ri Jib ; p

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