Bulgogi Garden in Kalayaan Quezon City

October 13, 2012

Bulgogi Garden
125 Kalayaan Ave.,
Diliman, Quezon City

Since Bulgogi Brothers failed to impress us the night before, DH and I went to Kalayaan Ave. in search for another Korean restaurant the very next night. We saw rows and rows of Korean restaurants when we passed by the area a few weeks ago. We were determined to find and check out a new place to satisfy our Korean Barbecue cravings! We parked inside the first Korean restaurant we saw - Bulgogi Garden. The place was huge, you will not miss the well-lit sign hanging on the wall as you passed by Kalayaan Ave. in Quezon City.

 Bulgogi Garden in Kalayaan. Ave.

The word Bulgogi literally means "Fire Meat" in Korean. It refers to cooked marinated meat on dome griddles that sits on braziers.

Griddle is a heavy flat iron plate that is heated and used for cooking food.
Brazier is a portable heater consisting of a pan or stand for holding lighted coal.

Read after the break for our Korean BBQ experience...

That night, there were close to 10 appetizers or banchan served to us. The two that stood out among the rest were...

 Odeng Banchan (Fish Cake side dish)

 sweet & spicy peanuts

The following were also served at our table...

spicy Korean vegetable salad

steamed kangkong, vegetable pancake, pickled onions and sweet & spicy peanut

 Ju mul reok PhP 400

Ju mul reok is supposed to be seasoned sirloin but DH requested for an unseasoned one. It turned out unseasoned meat in this restaurant was a bit tough to chew ; (

 Degi Moksal Steak PhP 280

It's grilled pork tenderloin. It is marinated therefore this one tasted better.

 Korean bbq dip in salt & pepper with sesame oil

 Yang-Nyum So Gal bi PHP 450

Each order is quite small to be shared by two people so we decided to order another bbq item on the menu. This time the waiter suggested seasoned slice beef rib. He said it was already marinated so it's definitely easier to chew and he was right! The meat was tender and very tasty!

finally able to eat my sangchu-ssam

Before we got our bill, two complimentary halo-halo like desserts were served on our table. We also took two Korean ice cream bars from their dessert station (freezer). I think a piece costs PhP 50.

This restaurant is not going to be high up on my list of favorite Korean restaurants but if you ever passed by Kalayaan Ave., it's worth a try!

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