One More Try A Movie Review

I seldom watch Tagalog movies. I find most story lines mababaw and some even copy cats of Western movies. But when I read the gist of the movie One More Try, I thought the plot was different. So, I watched the 12:10 pm screening of the movie alone for the first time in Promenade Theater along with a dozen or so Senior Citizens and their companions.

 One More Try starring Angelica Panganiban, Dindong Dantes, Zanjoe Marudo and Angel Locsin

At first, I was shock at the exorbitant amount I paid for a Tagalog movie. But after watching it, I felt it was definitely worth every single cent of the price I paid - PhP 225.25. This is what I tweeted after watching it ---> "kulang ang tissue paper na dala ko" ; p It was definitely a tearjerker movie!

Spoiler Alert and movie trailer after the break...

The movie started with Edward (Dindong Dantes) and Grace's (Angel Locsin) one night stand. A son was born out of wedlock. Fast forward five years later, Grace's son, Botchok, was diagnosed with a rare disease that needs a bone marrow transplant. After checking all viable donors to no avail, the only recourse was to seek for the child's biological dad (Dantes) who is happily married to his long time sweetheart, Jacqueline (Angelica Panganiban).

 One More Try Full Trailer

The problem began when the result came out negative, Edward was not a good match to his son either. Another child needs to be born from the same set of parents of the boy. The OB-GYN, played by Carmina Villaruel-Legaspi, suggested In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF). When all else fails, the natural way is the second best option to cure Botchok.

The mother will do anything for her dying son. The wife will kill to save her dying relationship with her husband. Who will prevail?

As with most Tagalog movies, this, too, has a happy ending. What happens in between, you must find out by watching the movie just like what I did ; p

I bet Angel Locsin will win a Best Actress award. She really nailed her character. The other actors/actresses played their characters well too. If you must only choose one movie during the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), One More Try is definitely it!

Star Cinema brings you One More Try starring Angelica Panganiban, Dingdong Dantes, Zanjoe Marudo and Angel Locsin. Directed by Ruel S. Bayani. Graded A by the Cinema Evaluation Board (CEB).


One More Try won Best Picture, Best Child Star (Miguel Vergara), Best Editing (Vito Kahili), Best Screenplay (Anna Ramos) and Best Actor (Dingdong Dantes) in the 38th Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF). It also won the FPJ Memorial Award for Excellence. It is among the top-grossers in the festival .

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