Remm Shin-Osaka Hotel Review

December 28, 2012 to January 4, 2013

Remm Shin-Osaka 
1-1-1 Miyahara, Yodogawa-ku,

Room Type: Non-Smoking Room Single
Rate Per Night: JPY 7,000 (PhP3,500)
                          *JPY 9,200 (PhP 4,600)

*December 32, 2012 and January 1, 2013

Rate includes service charge and tax

Remm Shin-Osaka is the most convenient hotel that we have ever booked. It's location is right smack in the middle of a bustling train (JR Shin-Osaka) and subway station (Shin-Osaka) in Osaka. Even though this is also the smallest room that DH has booked so far, I can't complain because we are on a tight budget. Yes, our room is even smaller than the hotel rooms we have booked in Hong Kong. I would rather spend money on sight-seeing tours and shopping than spend it on accommodation ; p Of course, that's just me!

 bedroom with glass bathroom wall partition

The room is so tiny. There is no space in between the bathroom wall and the bed ; p  The wall is not even a wall per se, it is a glass partition. Anyway, don't fret! You can always pull down the two blinds inside the bathroom for privacy.

Just to give you an idea on how small this room is, I was standing near the door when the photo above was taken. There was really no place else for our luggage. The good thing is, the guest rooms have most of the amenities that a 5 star hotel provide.

To view more photos of Remm Shin-Osaka, read after the break...

Remind me to get a new camera with a panoramic function next time hahaha Ok, we got lost for an hour trying to look for this hotel. Don't blame me, I have a husband who does not want to ask for directions.

 view opposite Shinkansen Tracks (Central Entrance)

The following directions were taken from the website:

By JR Shinkansen Train Line

  • The hotel is directly connected to Shin-Osaka Station (Central Ticket Gate)*

By JR Lines:

  •  The hotel is 1- minute walk from Shin-Osaka Station (East Ticket Gate)

By Subway Midosuji Line:

  • The hotel is 3-minute walk from Shin-Osaka Station (North Ticket Gate).

*Not to be mistaken with Central Exit.

  view opposite Shinkansen Tracks (Central Entrance)

 Exit from Shinkansen Tracks (Central Entrance)

If you got lost, ask where the North Gate is located. Security Personnel manning the booths know very well where the hotel is located and are all very helpful.

 landmarks are Tully's Coffee and McDonald's

If you see Starbucks then you are definitely on the opposite side of the building ; p We got lost, remember?

 Shin-Osaka Hankyu Building North Gate

Follow the sign---> Shin-Osaka Hankyu Buiding.

 Tully's was where we had our breakfast today before we head to Kyoto

 Other restaurants available in this section (North Gate)

 Cafe & Dining KOUJI

Room rates are without breakfast. You can buy breakfast coupons from the hotel. You will have your breakfast on the 3rd floor restaurant called Cafe & Dining KOUJI. You can choose between Western JPY 1,000 (PhP 500)or Japanese JPY 1,200 (PhP 600) Breakfast set meal.

 Remm Hotel (1st glass door)

Just beside Cafe & Dining KOUJI is the main entrance of Remm Hotel. Upon entering, there will be several elevators on your right, do not access it.

 Remm Hotel (2nd glass door)

Walk straight right pass the elevators and you will see a second glass door.
 I look so tired from getting lost all night


Turn right and you will see a third glass door then the elevator to the hotel lobby on the 12th floor. 

 Remm Hotel lobby on the 12th floor

DH found and booked Remm Hotel online. I forgot to tell you that this hotel didn't ask for a down payment or credit card information. We only have an email copy confirming our booking made a few weeks before. The hotel didn't even reply to our follow up email. It was scary when you think about it, we might end up with no hotel booking at all. But all is well, we went to the hotel lobby and showed the email exchange. In a few minutes after paying for our room, we are on our way to our room. 

 self-service payment counter

DH paid through a self-service counter in cash. If you are a member of Hankyu-Hanshin-Daiichi Hotel Group Membership Club, you can insert your card to earn points. DH applied for one a few weeks before and got the card on time- before our departure date. 

 50 rooms each floor

There are 50 rooms each floor. Hotel floors are from 12 to 17.

 tap the card to access your floor

 taken during the first night

 one of the three service elevator is for the disabled

 looks like a huge stone but it's not

This is what greets you when you step out of the elevator on the 13th floor. It is actually a seating area ; p

 hallway to our room

 vendo machine on our floor

 doorbell and nespaper holder

 tap the key card over the door sensor and you are in

 only 4 hangers are provided

An open cabinet is right beside the bedroom door. Fabric deodorizer and a coat brush are available for use.

 room key

 safety box and shoe horn are also provided

 view of the room from the other side

 pajamas and disposable slippers 

The clothes you see are not robes but pajamas ; )

Other amenities inside the room are:

 massage chair

Automatically turns off after 15minutes. 

 personal ref

 2 bottled water and water heater; mirror (in the middle; folded)

 light control switches by the bed and air purifier

 lamp, telephone, notepad & pencil, clock, LAN cable, 110v electrical outlets and a flashlight

Wi-Fi is also available inside the room. There are several other electrical outlets found adjacent to the table.

 bathroom necessities

Found inside the bathroom:

  • 2 sets Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • 2 sets Shave and shaving cream
  • 2 Combs
  • 4 Cotton buds
  • 2 Shower caps

 sink and toilet

 sink with mirror

spotted Shiseido Face Soap
 under the sink- 2 face towel, 2 bath towels, hair dryer and trash can

Yes, event the trash can is tiny!

fully-automatic; heated toilet seat

 control for the toilet

There is a sensor at the back of the seat. Do not block it with a towel or anything for it to function automatically.

 roll up or down the blinds for privacy

 rain shower

To avoid accidentally burning yourself, rain shower has a maximum tolerable heat control set at 40 degrees. If you want to go beyond that, you will need to push a black button. The control button is also found on the knob.

 a chair and 2 more tiny towels for scrubbing

 hair shampoo, hair conditioner and bath & shower

 LCD TV at the foot of the bed

Learn how to use the amenities like the rain shower, massage chair, air purifier, air conditioner through the menu on the LCD TV or check out Remm Hotel's black and silver, Directory. 

 Remm Hotel's Directory found in the drawer above the personal ref

As I am writing this, it's already 1 am Osaka time. Osaka is one hour advance from Manila. I better get some sleep. Today, we spent one whole day in Kyoto. Tomorrow, we are headed off to Kobe for the famous Kobe Beef!

Till my next Japan update!


Checking out was a breeze, just tap your room key to the same "self-service" machine and you are done!

You can view the first part of our Kyoto adventure here and here. Interested where we dine on our first night in Osaka? Then read here. Intrigued about the ultimate camera I bought from Canon? View from this link.

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