Discover Osaka: Osaka Castle Park

Day 6

January 2, 2013

Osaka Castle Park
1-1 Osakajo, Chuoku,
Osaka City 540-0002

Operating Hours:
9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Last Admission at 4:30pm

Closed on December 28 to January 1

Admission fee: Adult JPY 600 (PHP 300) ; kids 15 years and under free of charge

Day 6 is all about Osaka! First on the itinerary was to visit Osaka Castle Park. The park is filled with 1,250 Japanese plum trees and about 4,500 cherry trees. Too bad we were there during winter. It would have been nice to visit during Cherry Blossom (Sakura) season.

Osaka Castle

It was a long walk towards the castle. We didn't mind because along the way, we were able to take some good photos of the park.

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Before I continue on with Osaka Castle, let me tell you what happened during breakfast...

Curry Rice JPY 600 (PhP 300)

By far the most sucky food that we ate in Osaka was in Estacion Cafe Time in Shin-Osaka station. We paid JPY 600 each for curry sauce, rice, a side salad and coffee/orange juice. Definitely, this was not the one shown in the photo displayed outside the restaurant.

fare ticket to Osaka Castle JPY 170 each (PhP 85)
ticket machine

insert ticket before you can enter the station

what's so funny?

Women Only carriage

In a hurry to get inside the train, we were not aware that we went inside a "Women Only" carriage. As soon as we got inside, women were looking at DH. That's the time, we figured he was in a wrong car hahaha

Aoyamon Gate

We entered through the Aoyamon Gate which is located at the north entrance of Osaka castle. It was built in the early EDO period (1620). In 1868, the gate was seriously damaged in the massive fire and also by bombings in 1945. This gate was rebuilt in 1969.


Osaka Castle ticketing counter

Osaka Castle entrance fee is JPY 600 (PhP 300) per pax
Kimmeisui Well

Built in 1626, it still stands, surviving numerous fires. The well is very deep, with the distance to the water surface measuring about 33m, and its well curb was carved out of one stone. Legend says that Hideyoshi Toyotomo, who constructed Osaka Castle, dropped gold into this well to purify the water, but the fact is that the Kimmeisui Well was dug by the Tokugawa shogunate and did not exist in the says of the Toyotomi period (late 16th century). 

A signal Gun or Noon Marker
Osaka Castle's gold-coated fish

view from the 8th floor viewing deck

exhibit area located on the 2nd floor

Osaka castle mascot

Trend spotting...


#2 DH excluded ; p


These Japanese girls' outfits are sooo cute! Don't you think so? Anyway, there's at least three more posts and I am done with Osaka Japan trip report. Yey!

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