Swarovski Crystal Bracelet in Green!

I am starting the Chinese New Year right by wearing a Swarovski crystal bracelet in color green! If you have been reading the fashion news then you should know that it's the lucky color in the year of the Water Snake ; p

Swarovski crystal bracelet (green) $85

This 20cm bracelet with 16-piece Swarovski crystals was given to me by my cousin from the US when she visited the Philippines a couple of years ago.

For more detailed shots of the bracelet, read after the break...

Swarovski lock

I think I need to get this lock electroplated. Any suggestions where?

opposite side of Swarovski lock

Swarovski Swan logo

Since 1989, all geniune Swarovski products feature the Swarovski Swan logo. Pieces produced prior to this date have a different logo and in some cases it may only be faintly visible or impossible to detect. - SOURCE

You will find the following logos on almost all Swarovski crystal and jewelry products:

  • Square Silver Crystal SC logo (1976-1988)
  • sCs/SCS logo (Swarovski Crystal Society 1987-present)
  • Swan logo (1989- present)

16-piece Swarovski crystals

Swarovski on my wrist

Ok, guys and girls enjoy your Sunday ; p Meanwhile, I am off to celebrate the Chinese New Year with my husband's side of the family!


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