Kimmy Our Little Shih-Poo (Shitzu Poodle Mix)

Last Sunday, my SIL brought our adorable bunso to a grooming salon in Tiendesitas to get a "Summer Haircut". And this is how she looks like when she came back home. I almost did not recognize her.

 Kimmy, the Shih-Poo

Her poodle genes reflected on her soft and smooth hair. The new haircut actually has done some pretty good things to her. For one, she is not shy anymore. Actually, when this photo was taken, she was the one who approached me which seldom never happens. Pre- "summer haircut", it was also really hard to take a photo of her but look at her now ; )

For more Kimmy photos, read after the break...

 awww... so cute and cuddly!

 she appears to be sleeping here but she is not hehe

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