New Find: RHEA 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Scented and with Moisturizer

A few nights ago, DH brought home a bottle of RHEA rubbing alcohol. He was suffering from cough and cold and he wants to disinfect his hands after every trip to the bathroom. Looks like he bought this bottle in Mercury Drug Store along with cough syrup ; p

 Rhea 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Scented and with Moisturizer 500ml PhP 69.75

Anyway, I was not even aware that he bought a bottle until one night, coming out of our bathroom, I smelled it. I think I asked him on two occasions, "What's that I am smelling?".

It has a floral scent, nothing like Family Rubbing Alcohol which I also like along with Green Cross.

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I just hope that PHILUSA Corporation, makers of Rhea Rubbing Alcohol, could come out with Ethyl Alcohol like Doctor J's, another brand I like. Or do they have one already? ; p

Doctor J is derived from sugar cane. It is organic and has the same efficacy as Isopropyl alcohol. Fragrance used is from France.

What alcohol do you use at home or in the office? Do you carry one in your bag/pouch?

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