Baby: Pigeon Safety Nail Clipper

I want to share this Pigeon Safety Nail Clipper that my mom bought in SM Baby & Co. for my baby. I tried using another brand with a magnifying glass but it failed in comparison with this.

Pigeon Safety Nail Clipper PhP 329.75


  • Blades: Steel
  • Handle & Case: ABS Resin
  • Cap: Polypropylene

I read in the label that it is ideal/recommended to trim baby's nails while he/she is sleeping. I found out that it is easier to trim my baby's nail while she is in front of the mirror! Bata palang kikay na!

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parts of Pigeon Safety Nail Clipper

  • Safety Cap for hygienic storage
  • Easy-grip handle
  • Case to catch cut nails and stores them

This product is made in Japan

empty case

This product is perfect for trimming my baby's tiny nails. The blades are made from chrome-plated high-carbon steel. Whatever that is, I know it works well ; p

trimmed nails

 What brand of nail clipper do you use for your baby?

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