Red Mango's Green Tea Waffle in Robinsons Magnolia

April 10, 2013

Red Mango
Level 3 Al Fresco
Robinsons Magnolia

Last Wednesday, I met with the people behind Trollbeads, I wrote about it here. After the meeting, my parents and I trooped to my favorite yogurt house, Red Mango. It is located at Cinema Level right beside Happy Lemon.

 Green Tea Waffle PhP 85

Using my dad's Bdo charge slips*, we redeemed 2 Original Yogurts (not in the photo). While seated, I saw an ad for waffles screaming in front of me. My mom ordered one. I gave it a try and I <3 it!

Green Tea Waffle consists of red bean and cream cheese yogurt on top with a heap of graham cracker crumbs. It was simply delicious! I wonder how many calories that is!

*Banco de Oro (Bdo) credit card has an ongoing promo with every PhP 2,500 spent, you can redeem a 4oz. Original Yogurt with One (1) topping.

For other Red Mango offers, read after the break...

 my dad and a plateful of Green Tea Waffle

Red Mango offers an Afternoon Delight. Order any waffle & Americano and pay only PhP 129. Don't want coffee and want yogurt instead to go with your waffle? Then pay only PhP 125. 

Best of all, there's Buy 1 Take 1 Mondays ; ) Order a Medium Frozen Yogurt and get a free yogurt! Fro-Yo Original sizes are S(4oz.) PhP 85, M(6oz.) PhP 120, L(8oz.) PhP 155 and Family PhP 225.

Have you tasted Red Mango's waffle? I hope you like it as much sa I do!

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