Espressamente Illy in Power Plant Mall Rockwell

April 6, 2013

Espressamente Illy
3rd floor, Power Plant Mall
Rockwell Center, Makati City

Last Saturday, I went to Rockwell with my family to check out an expo held in Rockwell tent. However, I could not stand the hotness and humidity inside the tent. We were in and out of the tent in less than a few minutes ; p

While strolling inside the mall, I spotted TWG banners all over. I decided to check it out. By checking, I mean, checking the price on the menu ; p I find it not within my budget for an afternoon snack. We finally settled for a quaint Italian cafe called Espressamente Illy.

Sardines and Eggs PhP 265

Perusing the menu, Sardines and Eggs caught my attention. I ordered it and I recommend it to whoever will dine here in Espressamente Illy.

An order consists of 2 sunny side up egg, grilled tomatoes, balsamic salad, garlic rice and several pieces of sardines. I lost count as there were four of us who shared this plate ; p

This dish is totally worth my money!

For the rest of what we ordered, read after the break...

White Chocolate Walnut Cheesecake PhP 195/slice

My sister ordered a slice of Whicte Chocolate Walnut Cheesecake. The Cheesecake part tasted more like condensed milk to me ; p The caramelized walnut didn't help. The cake tasted too sweet!

Pure Pistachio Gelato with Biscotti PhP 135/100grms

We all love Espressamente Illy's authentic Italian gelato in Pure Pistachio! Other flavors available are Classic Vanilla/Stracciatella (Italian Choco Chip) PhP 110 and Very Strawberry Sorbet/Chocolate Obsession for PhP 120.

You can also order gelato On The Side (ala mode) for PhP 55/50grms, Tre Gelato (3 flavors, choice of any) for PhP 315 and Cinque Gelato (5 flavors, choice of any) for PhP 525. 

I am so happy with my sardines meal that I bought one sardines in glass bottle when I went grocery shopping the other day. Let me experiment on that and will keep you updated on how it went ; )

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